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Kimishima apparently considering a 3DS successor

I'd love to get a 3DS successor than Switch.

Kimishima apparently considering a 3DS successor

Nintendo could be considering a 3DS successor, if a report from Kyoto Shinbun is accurate. The publication is quoting president Tatsumi Kimishima as having said as much. Kimishima sees a need and market for it, hence why it’s being considered.

Take this as part news, part rumor for now. Kyoto Shinbun’s report is pointing in the direction of Kimishima considering a 3DS, though it appears to be pretty much the main outlet sharing the news.

Google translated:

Also consider 3DS successor Nintendo, Animal Crossing Open distribution screen for distribution after April
President Kimishima (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Imperial Hotel Tokyo) to explain the future policy of the portable game machine business
President Kimishima (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Imperial Hotel Tokyo) to explain the future policy of the portable game machine business
Takeshi Kimishima, president of Nintendo's Tatsushima Takeshi, said on Wednesday that "there is a need for parents to touch children first," about the portable game machine business, and is considering the successor of "Nintendo 3DS" currently on sale It is revealed that it is.

On the same day, he showed his idea at the management policy briefing held in Tokyo.

The company plans to release a portable game machine "Nintendo Switch" that can be carried in March, and from the analyst attending the briefing, "If the user considers the switch to be a portable game machine, it will issue the next model There was a question as to whether the meaning would be lost. "

Kimishima emphasized about 3DS "It is different from the switch in shape, weight, price and can be divided into pieces". Regarding the successor, he said, "Since there is a demand and market that is required, I am continuing to consider it."

Since the release of 3DS in 2010, annual sales volume has declined at the peak of FY 2001, but this year it is demodulated due to the favorable hit of the game "Pokemon GO (go)" for smartphone. The sales forecast for this fiscal year has been raised from the initial 6 million units to 7.2 million units, exceeding the previous year by about 400,000 units, President Kimishima said, "We will continue to tackle the business that makes the best use of the foundation".

In addition, explained that the game for smartphones, "Animal Crossing" scheduled to be delivered by the end of March, will slip after April.
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