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That mandatory install on Wii U is forcing almost everyone to get the Switch version instead. It sounds like Nintendo purposely worsen the sound quality of the Wii U version.

This is presumably a comprehensive list, as it bothers to note the obvious fact that some icons and on-screen buttons may be different between the two versions.

Of course, how well each version maintains its framerate is one area that could still be a point of differentiation, but that isn't something we'll know for sure until we have the final code for each in our hands. You can see our impressions of the Switch version Nintendo demoed last week in the video above.
  • Both launch on the same day, March 3.
  • Both have a frame rate of 30 FPS.
  • Both versions of the game offer the same content.
  • On a TV, the Nintendo Switch version of the game renders in 900p while the Wii U version renders in 720p.
  • The Nintendo Switch version has higher-quality environmental sounds. As a result, the sound of steps, water, grass, etc. are more realistic and enhance the game's open-air feel.
  • The physical copy of the Wii U version will require 3 GB of available memory on the Wii U system or an external drive.
  • Some icons, such as on-screen buttons, differ between the two versions.
  • A Special Edition and Master Edition of the Wii U version are not available.
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