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Nintendo Switch Ads spotted at Gamestop and in Australia

So this time no delay then?

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Switch ads spotted at GameStop

Earlier today, we heard that Switch ads were starting to appear in Australian stores. Over in the United States, it looks like GameStop is gearing up for the console as well.

One GameStop location is showing Switch posters both inside and by the store’s entrance. One ad can be seen right by the Wii U section.

We’ll likely continue to see that more GameStops will be adding Switch promotions over the next few days.

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Switch ads starting to pop up in Australian stores

As of today, we’re only two weeks away from the big Switch presentation in January. Following the console’s full reveal, it is expected that Nintendo will start heavily advertising the system, and many stores will likely start accepting preorders for the Switch. It seems like Australia already got a head start – official Switch adverts have started to appear in JB Hi-Fi stores across the country, though they only appear to be using images from the Switch teaser trailer. Nintendo will likely send out new and updated adverts, banners etc. to be displayed after the January event.

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