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Nintendo Classic Feedback


I’m a massive fan of Nintendo ever since The Game and Watch handhelds from the 80s. I had a NES and SNES too. I spent so much time playing the likes of Super Mario, Zelda and Mario Kart during college years. I would definitely have done better at school if it wasn’t for the arrival of these consoles while I was studying– would probably have been more successful with girls too ;)

So I’m pretty stoked about the Nintendo Classic. It seems like a great idea – portable, easy to use and with tons of classics like Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Mega Man 2, PAC-MAN, FINAL FANTASY and Metroid. All games that I absolutely loved the first time I played them. I found a good website where I can pick up a Nintendo Classic - but am wondering whether the games have stood the test of time or will I just get bored of them as I realise that they are nowhere near as good as my memory seems to think.

Has anyone picked one up? Is it a good idea or do you think it will just end up sitting in the corner once I’ve played it a few times?


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