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SpiderPrime#1539 if you guys want to add me, tell you are so I don't cancel the invite.. been getting a lot of phishers lately. I have all the blizzard games and overwatch when it comes out.

I just played the funniest game of Hearthstone. I was a priest deck... kept pulling my spell cards... apparently I was out of my minions. My LAST card is pulled, we are both out of cards both at 20 health.. I get Elise Starseeker for my last card!

Play her, next turn pull the map to the golden monkey... get the golden monkey... turn all my cards into Legendary cards!

Deathwing and Jaraxxus! WOOOOOOOOOOOO! TRIFFLING GNONE! YOUR ARROGANCE WILL BE YOUR UNDOING! ie = instant win at that point!

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