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My god, it runs a Crysis game...

Also, urm, I don't think you two understand what the Edge is if that's your opinion. It's just a new variation of PC gaming, the first gaming tablet. It's not really competing with the Wii U, they're not equivalents. Saying you prefer the Wii U to this is like saying you prefer a kettle to a fridge. You'd be getting them for different reasons. You'd be asking why would you want this over a gaming laptop or desktop.

This is made for people who want a high-performance gaming PC and would rather a tablet than a laptop to travel with. The good thing about this is it's priced very competitively, and running Windows 8 it's releasing with the biggest library of games out of any gaming platform. With the additional features, this could well be worth it. It's the first bit of 'luxury tech', as I call it, that I'd be interested in.
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