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Your Steam Autum Sale!!11 purchases

So far I've purchased or have been gifted:

XCOM: Enemy Unknown (Gift from brother, Birthday Present!)

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II ($2.49)
To The Moon ($3.39)
Psychonauts ($2.49)
Amnesia ($4.99, Future gift/trade)
Metro 2033 ($4.99, Future gift/trade)
The Walking Dead ($12.49, Future gift/trade)
Bioshock II ($4.99, Future gift/trade)
Deus Ex: Human Revolution ($4.99, Future gift/trade)
Universe Sandbox ($2.49)
Bastion ($3.74, Future gift/trade)
Batman: Arkham City GOTY ($7.49) ***This is the 3rd time I've bought this game. I'm such a Batwhore***
Intrustion 2 ($4.99)
The Witcher: Enhanced Edition ($2.49)

Wallet Rapage: $62.02

Games I'm hyped for
The Last of Us Part 2, RE2 Remake, The Last Night

Current Platforms:
PC (i7-7700K, 16GB, GTX 980Ti), Wii U, PS4

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