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This is actually a cool thread.

Originally Posted by Vegetto View Post
The weapon select music: You're thinking WOAHHH SHIII I'm settin up for some epicness here
My thoughts exactly!

Originally Posted by Vegetto
Then the game starts, and the music plays, and it just makes you feel invincible, as if you can do ANYTHING.
The man speaks the truth!

Originally Posted by Vegetto
Suddenly after you defeat a boss that is nothing but a giant wall full of guns that shoot incredible fast hard dodging bullets, your greeted with nothing but blackness and this music playing. You're thinking OHH man whats coming, then suddenly COMPLETE CHAOS, rocks, hundreds and hundreds of rocks come flying out of nowhere, insane amounts, insane small areas for cover, this part here has OWNED me so many times in the past, it has taken every continue I had, every inch of my SANITY, because if you die, all your power ups are gone, you're stuck with nothing but your wee little gun to fend off the swarming shower of rocks.
Dude, you've gotta be CAREFUL.

Gradius III was a superb shooter hampered in spots by excessive slowdown. But you're right: the soundtracks kicks ass. Don't forget about the music to Axelay. That may very well be the best soundtrack for a shooter.
Turn on the difference.
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