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Kinect Adventures - Xbox 360 Kinect

When Kinect's pricetag was announced Microsoft softened the blow by announcing that Kinect Adventures would be thrown in with the device. So is Kinect Adventures a glorified tech demo or a worthwhile game in its own right?

Kinect Adventures is a series of mini games packaged beautifully into an explorer style game. Each game is designed to show off the devices abilities and it works well. The games vary greatly, although there are just 5 primary games in Kinect Adventures. These range from the bizarrely fun leak plugging stages where you are in a glass chamber immersed in water and using your character need to plug the gaps to the excellently crafted on rails obstacle course which sees you dive from left to right jumping and ducking collecting coins which are positioned in suck ways that you need to manoeuvre your body into place. You will be star jumping, flying like a bird or pulling the classic Travolta pose from Saturday Night Fever.

This leads on to one of the best features in the game. At these points Kinect will take photos of you in action. It proves to be hilarious with friends and the design choices of when to take pictures is very well thought through. Next there is a bouncing ball game where you have to smash the balls at targets with your legs and hands. When things are slow it works well with the exception of when the ball is at mid height. If it is so much as a centimetre below the waist Kinect expects you to go for it with your foot making things awkward indeed. On top of this after a while multiple balls start flying at you at great speeds. Whilst it’s all very intense I found more often than not I was simply flailing all my limbs hoping for the best. There is also a space room game where you must flap your wings to fly collecting items moving back, forward, up and down which is fairly throwaway. Lastly there is the much advertised rafting minigame (It features on the front cover) and I have to say it is the least fun of the lot. Leaping from side to side and jumping may sound good and with one player it is passable but with 2 players the game barely works. Yes it is supposed to encourage teamwork but most of the time you will spend flailing from side to side shouting at each other. It's fun a few times but very quickly becomes repetitive. This is one of the biggest issues with the game. Despite Rare’s efforts to create a really stylised game with the adventure mode if you are playing alone the repetitive nature if the games will become apparent even though they get harder. Playing alone this game will really get tedious after a while. A major issue with all of Kinect's launch titles.

Without doubt the best feature in the game is the trophy’s you collect which go a long way to make up for the tedium of repeating the same games. After each section of the game you are invited to pose or dance as either your avatar or an animal such as a monkey. It's hilarious and seeing how far you can push Kinect's detection is pretty cool, not only this but these can be uploaded to xbox live for all to see and as always with friends you will laugh a lot at these. Kinect Syndrome does set in even in this feature though as when you are alone rarely will you want to look so ridiculous as to actually take part in these trophy’s.

Whilst Kinect Adventures is great it suffers with the issues so many mini game compilations suffer from! You will only want to play this as a glossy tech demo with friends but it is more forgivable with Kinect Adventures as this is exactly what is was designed for by being thrown in with the device. Although people who have followed the device from its Natal days will recall playable versions of Half Life 2 and the impressive Milo tech demo and may feel let down. Still, this is a tech demo impressively put together with all Rare’s gloss and style and it does exactly what it was designed to do. There's an awful lot to like in this game and it comes loaded with charm but once your friends leave it's back to traditional games once again as we wait for the real hardcore games to come to Kinect.

Pros - Great fun with friends. Great presentation. Trophy poses and photographs are hugely amusing.
Cons - You won't play this much alone. Only 5 minigames which become Repetitive after a while.

Overall - 77%
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