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Wii Fit Plus - Nintendo Wii

The Wii has changed the face of gaming quite possibly forever. Bringing gaming to the masses may not always satisfy the hardcore but it really sells. First we had Wii sports, then came Wii Fit and now we have the addon addition.

Firstly you already know if you will like this game. If your 20st, hate exercise and have no intention of starting now then this game may as well have a 1% review score. Also if you are looking to tank up like Arnie or already look a bit like him then this 'game' will prove pointless.

If however you are like me, someone who goes to the gym a bit. Focus' on weights, rarely stretches and lives with women this could be one of the best games ever! I will review this as an addon. So I will be breif on the contents of the original package. There are 4 categories: Yoga, muscle, cardio and games. In this addition everything starts unlocked if you owned Wii Fit which is great because one of the issues I had was friends that came to stay would be very limited by their options. The whole game is also more streamlined. You can now fast user switch during games which avoids having to sign in and out and can do a basic weight test easily. They have also added a calorie counter and METS rating for each item you select to isobars how difficult it is. In terms of brand new content you can tell Nintendo focused on the gamer than the fitness enthusiast. There are 2 new yoga poses and 2 muscle workouts and to be fair they are decent new exercises and no adaptations of the other exercises. They have also added a lot more 'Fitness test' games which stop the tests becoming repetitive and are actually quite fun to play. Cosmetically the game looks identical with the exception of a pre-defined personal training menu which suggests workouts for specific muscles which would be welcome for extreme novices to fitness but personally I did not touch. In terms of new additions I would have perhaps enjoyed a couple more trainers to break up the monotony of the voices I have herd for the last 2 years and perhaps a few more exercises! The main major addition is the host of new games available which really take advantage of the balance board peripheral. Let's face it the balance board has been neglected aside from a handful of games. New games range from obstacle courses to having to shake your ass from side to side matching what is on screen. There is also a hilarious chicken flying game that if anyone ever saw doing it through a window may call the local mental asylum. This is the main bulk of the Wii Fit additions and if you shelled put for the balance board and used it then it makes the Plus version a must buy at a budget price.

Scoring any game is a personal thing but with Wii Fit Plus it's even more so. In fact, I'd go as far as saying the score is almost 100% irrelevant.

Pros - Great selection of new games. Minor enhancements really streamline the process.
Cons - Not enough additions to the Fitness part of the game. Personal training room is a pointless addon.

Overall - 80%
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