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Call of Duty 4 - Xbox 360

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Xbox 360
Also available on PS3

Most of you will own this game, so why review it? Well if somehow you missed it or you are just interested in my opinion read on...

With the disappointing Call of Duty 3 (by Treyarch) way back in 2006 I expected very little from COD4, that was until I saw the 'Actual Gameplay Footage' video at E3. I figured a game
Couldn't look this good on the 360. It probably used the in-game engine but was a rendered video not Gameplay and that's how they got around it. I was wrong!!!

The original Modern Warfare’s visuals are mind blowing. Years later they still compete up there with the best visuals on console. The lighting is incredible, the explosions realistic, the level of detail in the character models is crazy. Yes, whistle Crisis on PC was technically the better visual masterpiece the artistic design of COD4 for me put it in a class of it's own, plus the fact that you didn't need a 1000 PC to play it. No, your 200 Xbox 360 would give you the exact visuals that appear on the box. Ok, Graphics don't make a game but they really enhance the experience.

So you get it, I love the visuals. So what about the game? Well the game is approx 6 hours long but trust me you will play this one twice (at least). Its a little short and in a industry where finance is king I sympathise with Infinity Ward as the costs involved to create a 15 hour game would be substantially higher and in war game you cannot have puzzle elements like you can in Half Life or old school Doom to prolong the game but Modern Warfare will leave you begging for more. Every part of the 6 hours is perfectly crafted intense action. From the first level where you are on a ship before a bomb explodes and you have to evacuate to the intense shoot out in a TV station, which leads me to perhaps the only other flaw in the single player... Automatic respawn. There are a few points in a game (including the aforementioned TV station level) where you will masterfully pick of 10 guys with skill and precision only to find yet have all reappeared and you now have lost half your ammo! The best technique in these situations is to simply die and then make a mad run and gun dash past hoping you don't get shot until you hit a checkpoint. Its very unrealistic, hugely unsatisfying and a cheap way to add difficulty. In fact on veteran difficulty during the ferris wheel scene I ended up hiding in a cabin and simply counting down the clock until a chopper arrived. I admit this section isn't quite the same as the TV station respawn section but it was frequent enough to frustrate. However the rest of the single player is bordering perfect. Some of the levels are pure genius, the thermal gunner in the sky is breathtaking and I couldn't write a review without mentioning those ghillie suits! Indeed when you start the level 'All Ghillied Up' and see the guy move for the first time I presumed it was pop in. He couldn't be that well camouflaged. So I restated the level and sure enough I could just see when concentrating the faintest outline of a person perfectly camouflaged in the foliage. It will go down as one of the wow moments in gaming, on a par with the first time the T-Rex scared the crap out of me in Tomb Raider or the first time I chained someone on Gears of War. One thing’s for sure, this game has high production values, a cracking story, great voice acting and characters as well as great sound effects and levels of polish not expected in a video game.

If multiplayer is your thing there is a reason Modern Warfare broke all sorts of multiplayer records. Great maps and hundreds of unlockables dependent on your rank. It’s a little daunting at first if like me you are not much of a competitive multiplayer gamer. It's great that the game rewards players who play a lot and are good with new weapons but if like me you have not played the multiplayer much and you jump on at level 1 with the basic weapon set you will get blown out of the water by a guy that has been playing solid for a year and knows the maps blindfolded... I don't mind this, if someone has invested time they will be better than me, but to give them better weapons is salt in the wounds. Still it's one of the most complete multiplayer experiences I have played. However having recently reviewed Halo: Reach I have to give Halos effort the edge as a multiplayer game. It's close but recent additions such as Firefight and daily/weekly challenges as well as being slightly more accessible gives the famous prequel a win by a whisker. However, Modern Warfare’s single player blows the Halo Reach campaign out of the water!

There have now been 7 Call Of Duty games released on the 360. 6 retail releases and the first game as DLC. if you only ever get 1 this generation then this is the one to buy! It reinvented the series and with Infinity Ward a shadow of it's former self for political reasons and Treyarch failing to match Infinity Wards legacy even when using their game engine it's hard to see a better Call Of Duty game emerging this gen. It's a must own on PS3 and 360.

Pros - Incredible visuals. Moments in the single player that will genuinely take your breath away. Superb story. Deep multiplayer.
Cons - Infinite respawn is cheap and annoying. Short campaign. Multiplayer daunting for newcomers.

Overall - 94%
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