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Originally Posted by Icarus4578 View Post
Good game. Actually both IV and VII are solid fun. If you want the soundtrack to VII it's relatively easy to get. Try here ~
Note that I don't authorize downloading game soundtracks like these but whatever. If you like it, support it. The composer for the DQ series, Koichi Sugiyama, is actually big on anti-piracy (I do own the double-disc OST to DQVII, as well as many others).

Man, I would've rewritten quite a few of these reviews. Kind of ashamed at some of the lame writing and cringe-worthy complaints against game magazines/web sites. I should've just ignored them outright, but hindsight is 20/20. I'm over it now.

Why is this a sticky? Joe's been keeping the reviews alive, as have a few others I see.
How does Khinsider work if you just want to download to your computer? It only offers "Send to Phone", nothing else.
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