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I got a new bed!

I haven't had a real bed in about a year (long story...filled with love, betrayal, and epic struggle) and a few weeks ago I found a free cherry wood sleigh bed on Craigslist that was broken and needed repairs. The dowels on the right side's head and foot boards were ripped off, leaving a huge gash that needed to be repaired. Well, I didn't care so much for aesthetics, so I just bored out a larger chunk of the boards and screwed in replacement wood. Then I just cut a slit with the circular saw and then used nuts and bolts as dowels. Now I have a sweet bed!

Just bored out a squared section, replaced it with a wood block to create a structure, cut a slit, screwed in a large nut and capped it with a bolt to recreate the dowels.

Sick free bed!

Before I was using a very basic metal frame that offered no back support. This baby sleeps like a dream!

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