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Vegetto's Videogame Music Reviews

So the other day I realized something while listening to my MP3 player: I'm a video game music whore.

so why not do a review thread on my favorite videogame music?

well that's because I'm stupid, but a lightbulb went off while listening to a particular track, and I will begin my EPIC REVIEWS with this game.

Note: I will only be talking about my very VERY favorite tracks in each game.

At the end of each game, I'll be putting up Covers or Remixes I find awesome.

Gradius 3
Version: Super Nintendo

Love this game, friend lent it to me and I still have it to this day on the SNES. challenging, addictive, and most importantly EXCELLENT music.

The weapon select music: You're thinking WOAHHH SHIII I'm settin up for some epicness here


Then the game starts, and the music plays, and it just makes you feel invincible, as if you can do ANYTHING. You'll be hearing this sweet tune in between each stage as you fly through space.


First level comes up, music starts. And you KNOW you're in for an amazing game with AMAZING music:


This track is my absolute favorite in the whole game, the stage is very organic and plant like, weird tentacle things reaching for you and pods shooting at you, and the boss is gigantic!

No download for it but I do have it ripped from the SNES Rom on my HD, I have no idea WHY there isn't a download for it, by far one of the best tracks in the game.

This track here is epic not only because of the way it sounds, but because of the level itself, at the start its really slow moving just like the tune, and you see a TON of turret guns just ready to be blown away, all of them drop power ups, you're thinking what the crap? whats it preparing me for?

why a super duper fast scrolling level that's what! better power up your speed bar cause you'll need it! if you don't you're dead, you can't move fast enough to maneuver through the narrow tunnels that zoom by, weave through the holes and avoid bullets without it! one of the most memorable levels EVER.


One part, towards the end, your thrown wave after wave of boss fights, each with their own unique tracks, some are from previous Games, and some have Awesome tracks.

One is this crazy aquatic boss, with a very nice track:


Another is just a round ball that continuously shoots missile after missile that go in all sorts of crazy directions, flooding the screen, music is VERY fitting:


Now this level is TOUGH, turrets, aliens, ships, you name it, everything is out to get you, bullets are flooding the screen in a million tiny dots, you're weaving, you're shooting, and you're also feeling like you could take on more, because this music is beyond epic, comes close to being my very favorite track.


Suddenly after you defeat a boss that is nothing but a giant wall full of guns that shoot incredible fast hard dodging bullets, your greeted with nothing but blackness and this music playing. You're thinking OHH man whats coming, then suddenly COMPLETE CHAOS, rocks, hundreds and hundreds of rocks come flying out of nowhere, insane amounts, insane small areas for cover, this part here has OWNED me so many times in the past, it has taken every continue I had, every inch of my SANITY, because if you die, all your power ups are gone, you're stuck with nothing but your wee little gun to fend off the swarming shower of rocks.

If you're skilled enough to get passed this part, and after fighting off incredibly hard enemies, suddenly you see a gigantic spider leg creep onto screen, then the whole body of the monstrous spider boss comes into view, again without power ups at this part you're pretty much screwed, because suddenly ANOTHER giant leg will creep in, and his buddy shows up!! If you don't kill the first before the other shows, its pretty much impossible to survive.
Oh yes, and the MUSIC, so fitting and so menacing:


Final stage, grotesque balls of slime EVERYWHERE are flying at you, the bullets are insane fast, very tough on the hardest difficulty, and the music is just so final and awesome, you can FEEL the end coming:


LINK TO OST (except the best track for some retard reason)


There are very very FEW covers or remixes for this game, and I have no clue WHY.

but one band did a medley of it that makes up for all the lacking, this is such an epic medley, no.. serious, you have no idea how awesome this is.

Just download it, trust me.

4:40 in, my fav track, pure blissful heaven.
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