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Gussun Paradise Review

Gussun Paradise (AKA Yoyo's Puzzle Park)
PSN Genre: Action
Filesize: 100 MB

Europe and Australia got this version.

Wouldn't it be great if Bubble Bobble was available through the PSN store? Well, it isn't, but Gussun Paradise is the next best thing. Much like Bubble Bobble, this is a two-player, single-screen action game in which players must defeat all the enemies in a stage in order to move on to the next stage. This particular game is actually a spinoff of a series called Gussun Oyoyo, which has never seen America's sandy shores. provides many of these lovely images.

The story of Gussun Paradise is told through a lengthy, skippable introduction made up of CG stills and ample Japanese text. It involves a theme park which is overtaken by a bunch of little green guys called the Yayakun. They trap all of the park's patrons, leaving only our heroes Gussun and Oyoyo to save the day. They must travel around the amusement park's map, clearing all of its attractions of minorities, I mean, villains. Each of the eight attraction is a themed set of 10 stages. Some of the attractions can be done in any order, while the first and last ones cannot. They can all be revisited after completion though. The player can choose to save in between attractions, which is nice since the game takes about three hours or so to complete.

The only good stage is a clear stage.

Gussun Paradise may look like Bubble Bobble but it plays a little differently. Gussun and Oyoyo fire blasts from noisemakers at enemies, but that only stuns the little devils. Bombs are needed to finish them off. These explosive devices appear throughout each stage, coming in two sizes, large and not large (small, some might say). After a bomb explodes, it soon respawns, so ammunition is seldom a problem. The players can grab and throw the bombs or just set them off by jumping under or on them or shooting them. As with Bomberman, our heroes are not bomb-proof, so avoiding the explosions is necessary for survival. Gussun and Oyoyo can't dilly-dally either; once a stage's timer expires, a giant bomb blows them up and they have to try it again.

Powerups range from items that increase the range of the noisemaker blasts to much more interesting floaties. The duck, snake, UFO, and robot floaties each offer a unique benefit (such as flight) as well as allowing Gussun and Oyoyo to take an extra hit before dying. The heroically-bald duo also collect tickets, which function both as a scoring mechanism and the currency for continues. Don't worry, it's hard to run out of continues.

This is from the same attraction as that Stage Clear picture.

Cooperative play adds a lot to this title. When a player loses a life, his partner must finish the stage solo. Should the partner blow it, both players restart the stage. Nobody wants that. A second player can be helpful to exterminate enemies, but there are drawbacks too. Each person has to watch out for the other's bombs. Plus Gussun and Oyoyo can bump or throw each other, which opens the doors for all kinds of mischief. The developers realized this so they created a fun little versus mode that unlocks after beating the game.

I can imagine someone getting motion sickness from this attraction.

Gussun Paradise's graphics are 3D with 2D sprites (the gameplay is two-dimensional). The whole thing utilizes a gaudy color palette, but it usually manages to look good anyway. The characters have a cheap, goofy look which is sort of endearing. Gussun and Oyoyo are so plain, but sweet. Enemies include walking soda cups wearing sunglasses, green guys in submarine-shaped armor, and three fearsome bosses. While some of the stages are generic-looking, others offer more visual and gameplay variety. The raft, Imax-like movie theater, and final airship attractions are quite interesting. Stages sometimes flip horizontally or vertically, which is disorientingly rad. The music tends to be appropriate and atmospheric but not spectacular. There are a lot of different tunes, at least. Sound effects include some bizarre voice samples.

As a huge fan of both Bubble Bobble and Bomberman, I was delighted with this game's combination of their play mechanics. It's fairly long for an arcade game, and challenging without being frustrating. Anybody who likes quirky import games will probably have fun with Gussun Paradise.

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