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Nintendo Wii
1 Player
Developer - Capcom Production Studio 4
Publisher - Capcom

My Bias
-Owned the Gamecube version
-I love the Resident Evil series

My Completion
Main game and all Scenarios completed. Everything unlocked.

RE4Wii completely abandons the lore that the series had built up to this point. It’s somewhat understandable since Umbrella met its end, but it just feels like a shameless label to call this game “Resident Evil”. Actually the only thing this games story has in common with the rest of the series is 3 returning characters and cheesy one-liners. If they wanted to change the direction of the series that’s fine, but when they try to link it to the previous games it doesn’t work very well.

The story is pretty entertaining. It isn’t what I would call top notch writing, but as far as most video game storylines go its great. If you’re looking for a story that’s “radically different” then don’t look here. The President’s daughter has been kidnapped by terrorists and its up to you lone soldier to rescue her!

Supports 16:9 Widescreen and Progressive Scan

When this game was initially released, it had in my opinion the best visuals on Gamecube. This version is a direct port over from the Gamecube version so don’t expect anything better. That said, the best graphics on Gamecube still look great today. RE4Wii easily has better visuals than most Wii games (which is amazing and sad at the same time)

This game is full of so many awesome effects and is a graphical marvel considering the hardware it’s on. There are places in the game that made me stand still in awe. The objects that are placed along your way such as Pots or Candlesticks look like they were grabbed straight out of the gorgeous pre-rendered backgrounds of the Resident Evil Remake for Gamecube (except in RE4Wii you can actually walk around and view them from any angle). I have to note that fire looks especially impressive in this game.

Holy crap this game is like eyecandy

Character animations are very good. When you shoot a person in the shoulder or knee their bodies snap back in a pretty realistic fashion. The facial animations make the characters seem very alive, even if they are a bit over the top. Leon is especially guilty of this as he’s always over-extenuating his facial features when he wants to put emphasis on a word (like 3 times a sentence).

It does take a while to get to the varied envornments in this game though. Alot of this game is muddy brown, which looks ok, but it just starts to get old after a while

Apparently clothing stores in spain only sell brown attire

It’s hard to talk about music in the Resident Evil series because it’s both good and bad. RE4Wii is no exception.

Let’s get the bad out of the way. The majority of ambience tracks in RE4Wii are simple loops. None of it is what I would call well composed music and definitely not anything I would want to listen to outside of the game.

Where the game receives my extreme praise is just how well the music fits and fuels the gameplay. The ambience/music always seems “right” for what’s currently going on. It does a fantastic job at raising the tension levels as you play, so in that regard the ambience is excellent. I also got very accustom to the “safe room” theme, the minute I hear it I am in a good mood.

If you don’t know anything about this game then there is something you should know. RE4Wii plays almost nothing like previous entries in the series. The series has gone from an action game to being very much 3rd Person Shooter. As a fan of the series I think it’s not for better or worse, just very different.

If you have played Resident Evil 4 before on another console then the controls are probably what you’re most interested in. The controls for this game are so good I can’t go back how it previously controlled. I’m actually extremely disappointed Resident Evil 5 isn’t coming to Wii because I would trade the pretty visuals for this control scheme any day.

The controls remain unchanged for the most part from the Gamecube version, only now you constantly have a transparent cursor on screen. When you hold down the aim button like you would in previous versions of the game, the view still goes over your shoulder but all the aiming is done by pointing with the Wii Remote.

This aiming mechanic changes the games feel dramatically. The old method wasn’t horrible but certainly wasn’t ideal. On the Gamecube version I often fumbled with the controls to make headshots, trying to figure out just where my aim was pointing. On Wii that frustration is non-existent. This becomes increasingly apparent if you buy the Sniper rifle during the game as the sniper rifle still uses the old analog stick method of aiming. It speaks leagues for the new control method, but it’s faster and easier to pick things off in the distance with the pistol than it is to zoom in with the rifle.

Headshots? from this far away? Not on my Gamecube

The game also implements other motion controls which work well. The QuickTime events during cut scenes are mostly handled by motion control now. I found this to be much more enjoyable as you don’t have to be a master button masher to pass them and running away scenes actually make you out of breath.

This boulder is so famous by now

Motion controls are implemented well, but still optional which is awesome. Swinging the Knife can be done the same old way with a button press, so if you’re the type that hates anytime you have to use motion control on the Wii (which to me is silly) then you don’t have to use it. However you can now also slash by swinging the Wii Remote. No buttons, no thinking about it, if an enemy is too close you just franticly swing at him and it cuts him to bits. In my opinion it makes the Knife go from useless to vital. Reloads can also be done via the old arcade lightgun shooter method of shaking the controller off screen, which feels alot more natural. You can still do it the old way, but the new was is much more intuitive.

With all the new Wii controls I can easily pop one bullet into a guy’s knee, run up and kick him while he’s bent over, and then knife him on the ground for the kill. A one bullet guaranteed kill performed in seconds, something I would never dream of doing using the old control scheme. I dare say this makes the game a little too easy. Luckily the game adds a harder difficulty that compensates for this. This game is a fine example of how Wii can handle games that are not only "hardcore" but make them better.

I think the biggest thing that makes RE4Wii so much fun that most other games get wrong is the pacing. The pacing in this game is great. I’ve played through this game close to 20 times because there is never a dull moment. I’ve wasted an entire Saturday playing this game in one sitting before on the premise of just booting it up for a few kills.

Along the way you run into shops that allow you to buy new guns and upgrade what you’ve bought. This part of the game made things really fun, and helped pace the game out even more. It’s a big thrill when you upgrade the old shotgun you’ve been using to double its firepower.

Although the whole game is done from a behind character perspective, and there are no Zombies and no Umbrella, there are still many similarities to the other Resident Evil games. The inventory screen is still the same concept, only having so much space to hold things. Now it’s improved to a grid with different sized items (so that an herb doesn’t take as much inventory as a grenade launcher). Familiar series icons like mixing herbs and saving typewriters appear, but remember there are no zombies so you won’t battle a single familiar foe. The game also made the BIG improvement of not having key items take up your gun inventory. Speaking of key items, all the puzzle solving and backtracking has been stripped away making this game as straightforward as you can get. And perhaps the greatest improvement to the Resident Evil series ever: A HEALTH BAR!!!

Because of all the changes made to the series with RE4Wii, it now plays like an action game with horror as an afterthought. This game still has some scary moments, and in true Resident Evil fashion relies on quick shock scares rather than psychology scares. To put it another way, in the previous Resident Evil games I would run down hallways praying that not a single enemy would be there. In RE4Wii, I’d run down hallways hoping there were at least 10 guys around the corner so I could test my new machine gun.

You yearn for moments like these

There are a bunch of extra modes unlocked once you complete the game. There are two Ada missions, the original Gamecube one and the PS2 exclusive one. After hearing Sony fans brag to no end about the exclusive Ada mission, I was really let down. It was enjoyable, but nowhere near the enjoyment of the main game.

At least shes more fun to look at than Leon

Lasting Appeal
This game lasted me about 15 hours the first time through plus the extra scenarios took about 2 hours. With most single player games I finish them and never want to go back, previous titles in the Resident Evil series especially. But for a single player romp this game has a lot of replay ability due to the fact that Wii Remote shooting is so much fun.

I’ve blown easily over 100 hours on this game. I boot it up for some quick kills and get lost in how much fun it is.

Final Thoughts
This is the definitive version of Resident Evil 4. Previous versions of the game all have sacrificed something. Gamecube version didn’t have widescreen or the extra content, PS2 version had severely crippled visuals. The Wii version compromises nothing while adding a new control scheme that blows the old one away. And if you hate your life you can even plug in a Gamecube controller and use the old scheme.

If you already own Resident Evil 4 on another console, I still recommend you to try the Wii version. I sold my Gamecube copy for the Wii version and it was worth every penny. It’s that much better on Wii.

If you for whatever reason haven’t played this game yet, BUY IT NOW. This is one of those phenomenal games that only come once every couple years. There is no excuse as it sells for $30 new.

Gameplay Video

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