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The News Channel reports news headlines happening all over the world. It has multiple ways of sorting this news out for you to view how you like. Unfortunately, when you start this channel whether for the first time, or after a few days of not using it, it takes a good minute to load. If Nintendo wants to advertise their WiiConnect24 service as being always on and always connected, why doesn’t the Wii automatically download the news updates, so they are ready for instant viewing? Nobody enjoys waiting a tedious minute staring at their TV screen just to catch up on some news.

Click the cat for cute sounds

With that out of the way, the News Channel is a fantastic way of reading the news. There are two main methods to use it, either by category or Slide show. If you choose to view the news by category, it presents you with a list of what to sort by.

Average news fare

So say you’re interested in Technology news, if you click that category a list of headlines tagged with technology is displayed. Clicking on one of these headlines will load up the full article as well as a side panel showing on the map where this article is about.

Article in Category mode

I have to add that I’ve noticed if you do sort your news this way rather than by Slide show, it doesn’t give the all the news contained in this channel.

The second option of displaying your news is the Slide show mode. I much prefer this mode over the category mode. In this mode the top half of the screen displays a 3D globe, much like the weather channel, and zooms into where a news story takes place. Then the bottom half of the screen displays the headline of the article. It will scroll through headlines at your desired speed, zooming all over the globe as it goes from article to article.

A shooting in Detroit? Color me shocked

When you see an article that looks interesting, you simply click the A button and it fills the entire screen with it. Hitting the + and – buttons will increase/decrease the text size of the article in case you find it too hard to read. If the headlines are scrolling too slowly for your taste, you can manually advance them by hitting left or right on the D-Pad. As a person who can’t be bothered to flip through a newspaper, and doesn’t feel like going through page after page on MSN, I think the News Channel in slideshow mode is a fast and painless way to keep up to date on the world.

What I love about this channel is that it is strictly news and not editorials. I get rather sick of hearing journalist bias when I go to read about what’s happening in the world. This channel gives you pretty well written news articles that a for the most part “just the facts” so that you can draw your own conclusions.

Overall the News Channel is the most useful non-game channel on the Wii. It presents the news in an inviting way and isn’t full of unneeded fluff.

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