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The Forecast Channel does exactly what you would imagine it would. It tells you the current weather based off of where you live. This includes the temperature, the current condition (sunny, rainy, cloudy), the wind speed and direction, the UV index, as well as tomorrows forecast and the forecast for the next 5 days.

Obviously before this channel will work, you must tell it where you live. Unlike more detailed weather applications and websites for the PC, the Weather Channel does not let you enter your zip code for an exact location. Instead you must choose the closest major city near you. Now I am unaware of how well this works for other states/countries but the selection for my home state (Michigan) was moderate. I don’t know why they don’t let you pick your exact city, every other weather checker does.

The layout for this channel is very clean and simple. Without even entering the channel, its splash screen will tell you the current temperature and conditions.

Almost defeats the purpose of entering the channel

Upon entering the channel you are met with the same information displayed on the channels splash screen, but now you can scroll up and down through pages for more detailed information.

Scrolling up once will bring you to the UV index. I have never really cared about this, so I don’t pay much attention to it. Scrolling down will show you the forecast for Tomorrow as well as the rest of the week. It’s almost always wrong though, but such has weather forecasting been since the dawn of time.

The only usefull information in the whole channel

However, despite this channels simplicity, it’s not perfect. The weather updates in this channel are about 6 hours behind. I really cannot think of any reason for this, as most weather services that exist today (News, Internet) are almost instantaneous. Bottom line is, knowing what the weather was like 6 hours ago does not help me in the slightest. Now the other information this channel tells you, such as tomorrows forecast and the weekly 5 day forecast are less affected by this, as that information does not need to be up to the minute in order to be accurate.

This Channel also has a Globe function, which zooms out a 3D globe and lets you spin it around to view the weather in various locations of the world.

Would be awesome if everything wasn't hours behind

This is an interesting feature, and is a lot more fun than looking up raw numbers on a webpage. You can grab the globe and fling it using your Wii Remote, which is fun for a good 10 seconds.

The problem with this feature is that like I mentioned before, I can’t trust that the information is up to date. If the Globe says it’s raining in Japan, I don’t know if it is actually raining there, or if it was 6 hours ago. You also can’t check the 5 day forecasts for any region other than your own, which again seems limiting as other weather applications can.

Overall, the Forecast channel is a great idea but the delayed information ruins it.

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