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No Vegetto im a video game whore.

I dont judge by console ( except the Nintendo ones, there isnt a sigle good game on those Bwahahahahaha ) i judge by games. ( If that made any sense )

Is gots mes an 360and a PS 3 andim very happy with my 360. The PS 3 has a lot of potencial. And since Microsoft is releasing all there big hits this year ( except Fable2 and Too Human ) Sony will practically own 2008 with such blockbuster releases as MGS4, Killzone 2 or GT 5. I mean almost any good game for PS3 was pushed back to 2008. ( I mean PS3 onlys )

So i evolved beyond the mind of a 13 year old console war swashbuckler that you my friend own, or that you are.

PS: Im glad that your aversion against me hasnt died down, otherwise it would only be half the fun. Heres to you
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