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Comic Book Topic

I am starting a comic book topic. today. The year 2000.

What's everyone's favorite lower art form? Yes! I mean comics!

I really like Chris Ware he's got some great art, and the stuff he writes is just fantasticly hilarious. Acme Novelty Library is my favorite comic book, ever. Jim Woodring and his "Frank" books have fantastic art, and the man can tell a delightful story, let me tell you. Sam Keith's book "The Maxx" is great in terms of story, and art. "Ojo" ain't half bad either. R. Crumb is pretty popular, I like his stuff. I recently read "Black Hole" by Charles Burns and liked it pretty well. I hear good things about these "The Sandman" books, anyone know about these?

(Try not to talk about "manga". most of it is pretty bad, and this topic is about regular comics.)
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