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WE9 Ubiquitous Evolution

mine arrived in the mail today, and for those of you who are considering a purchase, i thought id post a mini review to help ya out. there are a lot of reviews out there, so ill lean towards little details i noticed personally while i was playing.

the graphics, for being on a handheld, are amazing. the camera angles are ok, they dont zoom out as much as the console versions (understandable, if those guys get any smaller i wont be able to see em)

there are slight load times when going from the field view to a free kick or corner/goal kick, substitution, etc, but its not too unbearable.

also, there is no master league mode

my biggest gripe was the controls, i like to use the d-pad on the PS2, but on the PSP, the directional pad doesnt stick out high enough, which makes diagonal movements a pain. i guess you can resort to the analog stick, but for those players like myself who like the pad better, youll experience some awkward runs and bad passes for a while until you figure out a solution.

the addition of wireless play is a huge plus, but i dont think ill ever be able to test it out (dont think anyone around me has WE9UE, or a PSP for that matter)

if u have a psp and like WE, its a good addition to your collection, especially since quality software is a little lacking right now, but id take the PS2 version anyday.

hope this helped.
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