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Originally posted by Kid0_oIcarus
Btw, it was the klobb... quick to fire and rarely accurate ;D

Ironic, isn't it?
LOL. Good one Kid0_oIcarus. While he would obviously be biased, I do feel he was being honest when he said this:

"But when I was at Nintendo--especially when it was Howard, Peter and Mr. Arakawa--they were such great guys. I have infinite respect for them, they really understood the industry, maybe better than anyone else in the world. Having them leave changed what Nintendo was like, especially when Mr. Arakawa left. I didn?t even look for this job. It was offered to me by a friend. It was a difficult decision, but part of what made it easy for me was that I'm a very hard-core game player and when it came right down to it, the final decision was made because that's what I was playing. I was playing the Xbox. I was spending, from the launch of Xbox and GameCube, 35-40 percent of my time on PS2, 45 percent on the Xbox, and barely touching my GameCube. And knowing what the portfolio was going to be on the GameCube this year and going way out, I decided that I didn't want to do this again. I did it on the N64 and it was hard. Having seen that that was going to be that--or was going to be worse, I said forget it. I'm tired of second-class third-party ports and I'm tired of first-party games spread way out."
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