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09-23-2004, 04:20 PM
IGN: There are going to be three new maps coming up in the new downloads, is that correct?

Seth Luisi: Yes.

IGN: And how many people are these maps designed for?

Seth Luisi: We were actually looking at the maps we had created for SOCOM II and I think that we noticed that there weren't that many that were really big. Well, they were big, but not he size that we were looking for. I think some of the bigger ones like Foxhunt people really enjoyed s our goal would be with downloadable maps to create some larger maps and we also took the extra time to create some very polished maps as well. So I think that these three maps are probably some of the best SOCOM II maps that we've done as far as both artwork and the design of the maps. Just so you know that these are larger in terms of square footage since they're still designed for 16 people.

IGN: So what modes were you designing these maps for?

Seth Luisi: We did a count for how many we had for each mode so we wanted to add on to the ones which we had a fewer number. So one of them was an Escort map since we didn't have as many Escort maps as the other ones. So we now have an Escort map in Algeria and a Breach map in Albania and one Suppression map as well.

IGN: How large are these maps going to be in terms of hard drive space?

Seth Luisi: When you enable the hard drive support in SOCOM II it sets aside 256 megs of the drive for downloadable data so all of those go into that area. These maps take up less than 10 megs each so there will be plenty of space left over.

IGN: Excellent. Thank you for your time.

link to the rest of the story (http://ps2.ign.com/articles/549/549665p1.html)

and dot for get to check out the ovies...the maps are absolutely huge....wow..and less than one gig....shweeeet