View Full Version : What is "Monster Hunter"?

09-21-2004, 06:22 AM
OK i've heard about this on and off line game play. But any1 know any details, like is there any monthly fee at all? What kind of enemy's do you kill (besides dragons)? How much can you customize yourself? Is this game more than just a hack n' slahs or is there other stuff to do? Is this a cheap PSO rip-off? I don't know :donno: I hope you know :thumb-up:

Dr. Bombay
09-21-2004, 10:54 AM
You kill dinosaurs. That's about it. From the examples given on the offical website, there isn't much of a story or character customization. I looks like it would be a fun online co-operative game, but I don't even think this is gonna be near as deep as PSO.

09-21-2004, 12:27 PM
I'd say that the only similarity between PSO and Monster Hunter is that you play with 3 other people online. Other than that, Monster Hunter surpasses PSO in complexity.

The point of the game is that you live in a village that supports itself by hunting the hordes of dinosaurs and dragons that are all over the world. They eat the meat and use the claws and bones to make things (weapons and armor). So as a member of the hunter's guild, you are given missions based around hunting and gathering.

The levels in the game are bigger than PSO's, and graphically better-looking. They are also a more interactive, because you will sometimes have to climb up a cliff or sneak around to not be noticed by a hostile monster. But all that running around eventually depletes your stamina. If you kill a monster, you can take its meat back to your camp and cook it. Eating it gives you your stamina back.

The online play is really the highlight of the game, because it requires a lot more teamwork than PSO ever did. In PSO, having other people around helped in taking down monsters fast, but that was about it. In Monster Hunter, there are missions have multiple objectives and require good coordination between team members to pull it off...or everybody dies.

09-21-2004, 05:09 PM
i beta tested for it...and even though lots was left out..it was really much fun......there is tons of customization....you can and do lots of missions..(i had a few gripes with this mode..as only one person was giving out missions...this may change...and more missions may be included)....the enemies are smart and plentiful....and the graphics are sweeeet......the only prob i have with this game is ....i....the action is very fast....and its team oriented......you cant get 2 seconds in to type....we didnt have any macros..(maybe they will include some).....and you basically had to set up your plan before attacking the monsters (which is loads of fun..if you just wanna run around hacking and setting off bombs in anarchy)...but sometimes youll wanna set up your plan and execute....but the monster always has different ideas..........its still a very good game...and..i give it a 7/half out of 10...and thats for the beta ..cant review the full version until i play it

09-21-2004, 09:32 PM
Are you referring to the Online play or Offline play? What's your take on the Off-line game?

09-22-2004, 02:01 AM
boooooring.......same stages but different quests..its only beta..and i dont know how the final version will be....but it was just enough to get me armor and weapons for the online mode......they really must beef up the offline mode....voice chat would make this game an must buy on my list

ohh and theres one more really annoying thing....the camera....it doesnt follow you...and there was no option to fix it....you simply cant see what your fighting sometimes...and you constantly ahve to readjust the camera with the L1 button....to me it was easily fixable by adding a lock-on (doesnt have one of those either)...or a behind the back cam....those three impiments would make this game a 9/10 easily