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08-13-2002, 05:38 AM
Seems in the land of America they have a new thing called DVD censoring. This enables the parents to enable this so that certain bad words are changed to normal words while you watch, and also certain scenes changed.

For example, The scene in Titanic of Kate lying naked while LEo draws her. They can digitally place a corset so she isn't naked. This may be ok for say 11 year olds.

Scene from Zorro, Antonia and Catherine fighting with swords. Swords now changed to lightsabers.. Ok..

Now pick up say a John Woo film. Now picture everytime someone gets shot, where the bullet holes are you suddenly see cartoonie POW BLAM style signs pop up. Reminiscent of old Batman days. Now i'm sorry... If theres shooting in a movie its generally rated M. Why are you letting an 11 year old watch an M-rated style movie in the first place. Why butcher it up. Why make violence look cartoony.

If I shoot someone, obviously a BLAM sign will pop up. This is what this movie tells me. Hell, if Doom tells me I can use a shotgun at school to kill people, then Hard Boiled shows me I can shoot people and I will see BLAM appear. Same retarded logic.

Picture having grown up watching Terminator with BLAM signs through it. I think its kinda dumb. If the kid isn't old enough to watch the movie, dont edit it so he can. Its not just the violence. It's the theme and the entire setting of the movies.

Hollywood, I think, are not happy with this. The entire screen writers guild are pretty much angry saying they are butchering their original work and now plan to sue. But theres still over 100 DVD titles coming out with this anyway. Kinda sad. Theres good points and bad points. I still say if it isn't a G rated movie, an 11 year old shouldn't be watching it. Simple as that.

08-13-2002, 05:42 AM
Are you serious? What bullshit....I could go into a whole rant on how Americas parents need to stop looking for something to take the blame for them, but Im sure everyone has heard it. At least it's an OPTION, not something that is already done. We have enough censoring on our video games, we dont need our movies turning into shit, too. :mad:

08-13-2002, 05:47 AM
I think that as long as its in control of the parents and not the publishers, I'm okay with it. Sure, 11 year olds shouldnt be watching an R rated movie, but that never stopped them befor, did it? Say you dont want your kid to watch Hard Boiled, but he gets a sneaked copy of it from a friend at school or whatever, and while you are out at work he watches it.

I assume the DVD censoring reads the hardware setting put on the DVD player that is controlled by the passworld only the parent knows, thus making it impossible to watch the DVD in its integral state unless the kid goes to a friends house to watch it - unless that machine is also protected. :p

My opinion is that censorship is a sign of the esablishment having no faith in the society it represents, which is rather sad. In that same manner, a parent choosing to censor his kid, also has no faith in his own child.

However, I am also a firm believer in freedom of choice as long as you are mature enough to make choices on your own, so I'm no-one to preach anyone how to educate their children. You wanna censor em, do so, but I don't really see why Hollywood should be in an uproar over this. ITs just another feature that publishers hope will get people (specifically parents) to buy more dvds. :p

08-13-2002, 05:50 AM
ahaha. Spoony Bard!!!

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08-16-2002, 05:06 AM
This sucks!

It's complete cr4p!

I saw kate's boobs when I was 10! I turned out ok, now didn't I? ;)

- Triple X Beaver :spin smil

08-16-2002, 08:55 AM
Umm... y3ah.. sure :D whatever you say ;)

But, I don't really see a downside to this, as long as it's up to the parents to enforce it. I say the majority of them won't know what to do anyways. If it lets a kid watch a good movie- what's the problem?? You don't have to watch it with them. Or if you do- and you feel your kid can take it- take it off. Simple as that!