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07-28-2002, 06:25 AM
"Just got a faxed memo over from PR at the LA office from SCEA, seems the CPU research and final process specs are bein handed to personel and division managers to leer at today, It's the below portion that must be the test results, but looks like they generalized it to the PR ppl, they have meetings with division managers to deal with licensing and everything, so I'd thought I drop some info on what was sent to me from my division managment people. Remember this was just a memo from SCEA handed to me from my license division realtions manager.

Sony Computer Entertainment America SCEA c.2002

IBM Tech/Research Labs

Sony Playstation 3 Mezzanine Rev 5/10/02 -

Division Licensing and Departments (Coded Mem) /Dev manager Carol Russman

Project Update Information Request:

Sony Playstation 3 Mezzanine (Latin for Steel/Metal) Processor Data: Microprocessor: IBM Grid 256-bit at 550 Gigahertz Primary Cache: 2-way set associative,32KB instruction/32KB data cache Secondary Cache: 8MB DDR,Full Speed SDRAM Main RAM: 1GB system SDRAM Texture Memory: 104Mb/VRAM Graphics SubSystem: Pipes: 16 Graphics pipelines, up to 8 channels per pipe Raster Managers: 4 Raster Managers per pipe - 864M pixels/sec fill rate - Pixel-accurate synchronization (Genlock) and swap sync - 8.3M pixel display and 8 display channels - Full Scene Anti Aliasing, 8 subsample/pixel, 6.1B samples/second - 48-bit RGBA Color - 256MB Texture Memory with texture lookup tables for interactive volume visualization - Hardware clipmapping and real time high resolution texture paging - Subsample round points IBM Grid 256-bit Processor - High clock rate accelerates every system function (550 Ghz) - Four-way superscalar architecture, dynamic out-of-order instruction issue, and speculative execution maximize utilization of processing - Large unblocking cache keeps essential data in fast memory Playstation 3(Grid/EE4/GS4) Graphics Architecture Each PS3 graphics subsystem,or pipe, is composed of a Geometry Engine, four Raster Managers, and a display generator. - Geometry Engine: Four high performance Geometry Engine processors perform lighting calculations and geometric transformations such as translations, rotation, and scaling. Geometry Engine processor also execute image-processing functions such as convolution and histogram equalization-a more effective approach then that of CPUs. - Raster Managers: Raster Managers scan-convert data from Geometry Engine processors into digital images. Raster managers perform pixel operations, including Z buffer testing, color and transparency blending, and texture mapping- and they do so with multisample anti-aliasing at real-time rates. - Display Generator: The Display Generator converts digital data from the Raster managers into analog or digital video signals for a maximum display of more then 8 million pixels per PS3 graphics pipeline or more then 130 million pixels per system. - 1.76TB per second Bus Bandwidth/ultra low latency memory (raw memory) I thought it was kinda odd they sent it here, but I figured it was a media move by the PR to tell me to keep my tongue in check with the other divisions, has to not leak any real definitive specs at the Expo next weekend. Sometimes being the president of Nfactor Studios is hard work, but I enjoy the company here so I'll let this snippet float in here till I get some more hard information for myself, hell next I'll get order claims for dev units soon for the PS3 Mezzanine. Well till then, have fun with the possibilties of this new info. I figured it would shed a focusable attension on this new technology."

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What, is every message going to be edited?

You could have fixed his spelling errors, at least.

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Originally posted by dog$
What, is every message going to be edited?

You could have fixed his spelling errors, at least.

His heading subject was "." I edited it, but it didn't work. But inside the thread, I put "PS2 SPECS".