View Full Version : Ape Escape 2 - First Impressions

07-26-2002, 03:34 AM
A whole lot of fun! For a game thats based around the sole concept of catching monkeys, at least!

Though it slowly gets a little more complicated than that. You have this so-called "Hi Tech net" which transforms into whatever you need it to transform to perform various tasks. And you do this by assigning various buttons to the PS2 pad. One button can be a net, another a stick, andother a radar, and so on. With one Analog stick you control Hikaru, the main character, and with the other stick you control whatever he has equipped, so you often have to do a lot of switching and timing, stick to whack any animals and weird things that attack you, and net to catch the monkeys!

The neat thing is how responsive the controls are. Turn your net in a fast circle and Hikaru will swing a full 360 degrees. The animation is very smooth, the effects are pretty and the graphics are very nice with a long draw distance.

Theres also a lot of voice acting in the game, so I hope they make a decent job of localizing it when it appears in the US! It is moderately importer friendly, you might not get any of the story if you don?t know japanese, but since each of the levels consists of catching monkeys.. well, its pretty much up to you how you do it!