View Full Version : Bit Char-G and Digi Q

07-24-2002, 04:27 AM
Has anyone seen the mini RC cars? They are totally awesome. About 2 1/2 inches long and they are fully controlable. Forward, backward, left and right. So far I have ordered 2 cars, both Bit Char-G. One is a Nissan Skyline and the other is Mario from Mario Kart. They also have Yoshi that I want to get just for collectors sake. The 2 major brands that I know of are Bit Char-G by Tomy and Digi Q by Takara. The bit char-g cars are the originals and are the weakest. They have a range of about 10 feet and last for 4 minutes on a single charge. The charger is directly on the RC and it takes about 45 seconds for a full charge. It uses radio frequency to control the car which is good because if you go behind a wall or object it will still keep going. Digi Q on the other hand uses Infrared which is good because of a longer range but it's bad because if you go behind an object the car will stop. The Digi Q lasts for 15 minutes on one charge but it takes 10 minutes to charge the car. I don't have one yet but I would like to try one. They sell race track designs and engine, tire upgrades(bit char-g only). Looks to be pretty big thing in Japan with competitions and all. I wanted to take a look at Toys R us to see if they have anything simlar yet.