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04-19-2002, 03:40 PM
I recently borrowed a gamceube and 3 games, 4 controllers.
One of the games was SSBM and since almost everybody talked abput how great it was ans so on i belived it but I cant see why it has gotten those high review scores...

First of all, skill is not rewarded, cowards are rewarded.

It is very glitchy and has alot of small errors.

The control is very inexact.

Some characters are too strong or have cheaty attacks....Link is one of them..

04-19-2002, 04:09 PM
yeah..SSBM was a good game at first but i got tired of it an hour later..

Shining Force
04-19-2002, 04:13 PM
Something I've noticed about this game is that people don't exactly enjoy themselves with it for the first couple of times for whatever reason...

The next thing I noticed is that if you stick with it and give it a good chance, you'll be addicted. I live in an apartment with 3 of my friends and we honestly play this game for 4 hour runs almost every other day.
Skill is definitely awarded over cowardice once the players get better. The control takes a very short time to get used to... the dodging is what makes the players step it up to make good matches.
People tend to think that the character balance is a bit off, but again, the more you play, the more you see the equality of almost all of them (Mewtwo sucks, no matter what I do). Hows Link cheap?
I'm yet to run into a glitch though... not sure where you got that.

Once it gets really competitive, it gets really fun and addictive.

Tifa's Knight
04-19-2002, 05:31 PM
I don't know what you're talking about. Doesn't reward skill? Imprecise control? Cheap attacks?! GLITCHY?!

I have noticed nothing of the sort in SSBM. If you think the control is bad you must have barely played it; I can pull of any move I want without any trouble. The only thing I can imagine you could be doing is using the control stick to jump instead of the X and Y buttons, which is a no-no.

As for not rewarding skill, that is sooooo untrue. Not as untrue as with the original Smash, but still, this game is very dependant on your skill. I know that it can seem like "cheap tactics" will win at first, but trust me, you really cannot win at SSBM by doing them - I've taught my brothers that lesson a thousand times ;)

And as for glitches, I have no idea what you're talking about.. give examples man.

SSBM is great. Not as great as the original SSB but it is really incredible. Give it some time at least.

Xcube 6.0
04-20-2002, 12:15 PM
How the hell its not great as the original, its the same as the original but waaay better. After playing meleeI cant stand to play the 1st one.Its too slow and graphics are not as detailed as melee. Melee has more characters,big mutliplayer mode,event mode, trophy mode that tells the history of nintendo characters and alot more stuff.

How is that not good as the original??? :mad:

Shining Force
04-20-2002, 01:06 PM
hahahaha, I remember popping in the origininal after playing melee. Aw man, I remembered the graphics were a lot better... I couldn't even recognize which players where which in their metal forms.

GLITCH!? Again, what were you talking about?

04-21-2002, 03:41 PM
Dunno what glitch you're taking about.. the only one I know of is that they left out PIT!! Dam j00!! :D

Other than tha it's a blast to play!! I'm still trying to get all the trophies.. oh those beautiful trophies.. so shiny and glimmering.. :rolleyes:

It's not for everyone.. I mean.. if you're against having an absolute blast.. then by all means- avoid this one like the plague.

04-21-2002, 09:22 PM
I got this with my Gamecube and yeah, I too think its overrated seriously. nothing fun about it, just mindless button-mashing..

I prefer DOA3 on the Xbox, much more strategic and better looking.

04-22-2002, 02:46 AM
SSB:M is definitely not my cup of tea but I didn't care for the 1st one either.

Shining Force
04-22-2002, 02:16 PM
I just thought it was funny that you insinuated that you didn't like button mashing, then you went on to say you prefered DOA3

Black Sugar
04-23-2002, 03:12 PM
Indeed, I a certain way, SSBM isn't as great as the original. The first one was more simplistic in term of control and action. Players could had better judgement as to when to initiate their next attack due to the slow control. In SSBM the action his so fast that most players won't get use to it after a few hrs of gameplay. And at first, the game does look like a pointless button smashing game.

Glicht ? There's some glicht in the game, not as much as the original but there's a couple of them (Trust me... I was beta-tester for 2 yrs.. I can spot them easily ^.^!)

All in all, SSBM is a excellent games. Those saying SSBM is a pointless button smashing fighting game didn't gave the game a chance. This isn't easy to adjust at first (due to the control and the fast action) but in time you'll get the hang of it ^-^!

Peace yo!

04-23-2002, 05:13 PM
I must say that I in many ways agree with the threadstarter. Smash Bros Melee is very ineaxact compared to real beat ?em ups. I consider myself a hell of a fightinggameplayer, still I often have to see myself beaten by peolpe who barely have played the game before.

Also, it lacks a functional controll. You never get that feeling you get when you have mastered a new King of Fighters-character to 110%. Many characters are near useless because they simply aren?t good enought. Some attacks are even more lethal to yourself than your opponent.

At the other hand. It is still a lot of fun for four players and I enjoy it a lot, even with all the misses in it. But I can?t help that I?m happy that Nintendo/HAL never really tried to enter the fightingscene for real. That would have been a disaster.

04-23-2002, 07:17 PM
For those who think that skill is not needed to play SSBM then you haven't really played the game. Trust me, the game requires quiet a bit of skill. I know this because I have some friends that can always beat the crap out of me (and I've been playing the game since the one came out). They can't beat me all the time in any other games.

Here are some examples of games that really depend on luck to win and not skill, in my opinion.

Tekken, Dead or Alive, Soul Caliber (yes, even this is one of them) games- these games may seem like they require a lot of skill but I think they are nothing more than pressing buttons as quick as possible. I know this because I have friends who consider themselves as the masters (yeah, they know all the counter-attacks of all the characters and etc.), but they lose to me so much that it's not even funny. They know all the moves of every character and everything but they lose to me (when I play these games, all I do is move a bit here and there, push the punch/kick button, repeat the steps and win).

I'm not saying the games mentioned above all bad. I like them, too. Well not as much as a 4-player SSBM.

04-24-2002, 10:51 AM
as far as "fun fighters" go, I actually enjoyed Powerstone 2 much more on Dreamcast than SSBM, I'm not saying that SSBM sucks or anything, but I can't help but feel like I'm just playing a Nintendo commercial.

04-24-2002, 01:27 PM
SSB:M is one of the best and anyone who tells you otherwise obviously doesn't like it.

Tifa's Knight
04-24-2002, 11:15 PM
Originally posted by Xcube 6.0
How the hell its not great as the original, its the same as the original but waaay better. After playing meleeI cant stand to play the 1st one.Its too slow and graphics are not as detailed as melee. Melee has more characters,big mutliplayer mode,event mode, trophy mode that tells the history of nintendo characters and alot more stuff.

How is that not good as the original??? :mad:

Well of course it has a lot more features and better graphics, but that doesn't mean a better game. To put it simply, I spent 3 years straight playing the original SSB almost every day, and it was because the gameplay is so incredibly flawless. In my opinion, the simpler a fighting system is, the more true skill it involves, or the more "depth" (if you really want to call it that) it has. That was what was so great about the original smash, the ammount of skill that could be achieved in that game was higher than any other I've ever played because it is pure manipulation without things like memorization, coordination, and reflex (well, obviously reflex to a certain extent, but not as much as in something like Tekken). These things are all thought of as what make fighting games "deep" (i.e. huge insane combos, counter moves that require split second timing, etc.) but they really just make it harder to do the same basic things that you do in any fighting game, manipulate your opponent by making use of your specific abilities. So in effect they just get in the way of real skill. Unfortunately, Melee was adapted to this theory of "depth" and they added in a bunch of crazy new dodges and counters and made the gameplay more frantic. This all gives the illusion that it's "deeper" but it's really just harder to do stuff. I am a huge fan of Melee because I love all the extra stuff they put in it, but when it comes down to it, from a pure gameplay standpoint I prefer the old one.

04-25-2002, 02:44 PM
I support Zanzaki for his battle!

I don't think SSBM is good, I almost hate it in fact. I don't enjoy it when I play four people and not when I play it by myself. I think it's a crap game! I'm sorry but I can't find any good in that game! Ok, you may hate me but I stand up for my opinions, I can't fight the power to holding my aggression against SSMB back!

No, Powerstone 2 is the ultimate four-player-fighting-game and not SSMB!

Shining Force
04-25-2002, 03:44 PM
Powerstone 2 was too slow

04-27-2002, 08:31 AM
Powerstone 2 maybe is a slow game but it's way much better and funnier than SSMB ever gonna be!

04-27-2002, 11:00 PM
I liked ssbm so much because of the diversity of it.
Yes i have come to like it more than the original (and i'm not saying that cause it looks better or whatnot)
In the orignal you could only get SO good, there limits and it was MUCH easier to be cheap (DK with his throws, cough)

I've played melee since its birth and its very apparent, i'm next to untouchable, when my friends find some way to attack me, i adapt, then so do they, ect, ect. ect.

For every attack, move, dodge theirs a counter or something else, it all comes down to skill.
The person i play most, who is almost as good as me, and myslef have absolutly insane matches: 5 stock matches that would last for over 5 hours! The original never game me that.

The original was great, for its time, melee is just such a more diverse and powerful game.

04-27-2002, 11:07 PM
Oh and about powerstone 2, it also has that one thing i hate about 4 player fighting games.

step 1:jumpkick
step 2:grabstone
step 3:repeat till you have 3 stones
step 4:kill everyone
step 5:repeat endlessly
i hope my coding doesnt make powerstone a completely boring game now that even a newbie can beat the pros

Black Sugar
04-27-2002, 11:38 PM
Well, i'm a huge...i mean huuuge fan of the original power stone. But i think that Capcom didn't put much effort in power stone 2 as Nintedo did for their franchise.

The Kaiser_z (how to play Power stone 2 step by step (c)....^.^ ) say it all.

Not enough stages, not enough variante between characters doesn't make Power Stone 2 nearly as good as SSBM.

Then again, with the odd and chunky control of SSBM I can understand why some people still prefer power stone over Smash Bros .

04-28-2002, 10:26 AM
kaiser_z: What the ****! What do you mean that a newbie can beat a pro in Powerstone 2!!? I'm a pro and I never loses against some newbies! I just beat the crap out of them! On the contrary the game SSMB suffers by the a-pro-getting-beaten-by-a-newbie syndrome!

04-28-2002, 06:14 PM
SSBM is extremel polished and fun game. That's what makes it so great.

Most people who dislike it probably aren't any good at it either.

It's good old fasioned fun. something that too many games are lacking these days.

Shining Force
04-28-2002, 11:18 PM
True that death...

And Black, I was a huge fan of the first powerstone too, I just didn't think the second one had the same feel to it.

04-29-2002, 02:01 PM
thank you death, i couldnt have said it better.