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02-02-2004, 01:37 PM
from RPGFan (http://www.rpgfan.com/news/2004/1098.html) :

In two recent interviews, Square Enix representatives from the company's production teams 3 and 4 have commented on their current projects Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XII. In an interview with Dengeki PlayStation, Final Fantasy XI event director Kawamoto, battle director Higuchi as well as Satohiko Matsui commented on their plans for 2004.

As previously announced, the development team is hard at working to implement PvP (player vs. player), cooperative battles, the reverse world known as Limbo, new missions, as well as new weapon skills into the MMORPG. As far as missions are concerned, the trio mentioned there will be no continuation to the missions from the game's first expansion Rise of the Zilart, and that country-specific missions will be discountinued for the time being. While there are new plans in the wings, the three refused to talk about them. Story-related missions will obviously be continued, but in what form remains to be seen.

As far as the highly anticiapted PvP battles are concerned, Kawamoto, Matsui and Higuchi mentioned, they will not be related to the reverse world. Furthermore, players will have to meet certain requirements before they can access the feature for the first time. Also, it will not be possible for players to PK (player-kill), or lash out at another player standing nearby once PvP is introduced.The balance of various jobs will also be adjusted for these PvP battles.

Regarding weapon skills, it was mentioned that the visual effects for weapon skills prepared from the very beginning of the game have been pretty much exhausted, hence the addition of new weapon skills will follow a different route. Therefore, it was mentioned that any new weapons skills would be introduced via special weapons coming with these new attacks.

The reverse world of Limbo will not be *new* per se, but rather the "dark side" of many of the already existing areas of Vana'diel. The reverse world will be a truly challenging battle arena for high level players. Accordingly, the developers emphasized that it will definitely not be a picnic. In Limbo, one can't just enter and exit easily as it will be impossible to just walk out. Only if a character is knocked out or through the use of a Gate Crystal Teleport spell, will he will be able to exit. The reverse world of Limbo will be related to the ongoing story of Vana'diel and also have some significance item-wise.

In addition to Limbo, the developers will be expanding the Burning Circle Notorious Monster (BCNM) fights. These new battles will be fought in Huge Burning Circles (HBCNM), where players can team up in an alliance (up to 18 players), or an over-alliance(18+ players) to take down the enemy. Previous BCNM fights limited the combatants to a single party of 6 players. It was also added that over-alliances would be a staple of surviving the Limbo areas and not just limited to HBCNM fights.

When asked about the added load of North American players from the domestic launch of FFXI for the PC, it was stated that the increased operation rate of the servers due to the North American release had no major (negative) effects. The developers were also very happy to see higher than expected cooperation between Japanese and American gamers. When asked about the finality of the current level cap of 75, it was stated that presently, no decision has been made when to abolish it.

02-02-2004, 03:01 PM
Just want to know is FFXI any good? I want to get it but i dont know if its as good as ppl say it is. But looking at it i think it should. So if can someone tell me aobut it. Thanks

02-02-2004, 03:19 PM
Some people have issues with paying monthly for a game, but if you have none of these problems then probably a good idea to give it a shot. Alot of people I know love it. I plan to pick it up in a month myself. Gotta finish off some other games first..

02-02-2004, 03:21 PM
Originally posted by Alucard
finish off some other games first..
Yeah i know what u mean i got to finish up a few games my self. But then i need to get a new computer. I need to make my own instead of using this **** thing they like to call "Good Computer".

02-02-2004, 03:21 PM
The sad thing is, that they might say their future plans are to milk the FF monkeys for all it's worth, and it probably wouldn't hurt the sales.

02-02-2004, 03:37 PM
Some people (some of them were around the forums) had a hard time with the way FFXI was, but once they played it they were allover the game. I heard a few negative stuff about it, but the majority of what i've seen gives a good impression of FFXI, so if you have the money and time and the p.c to handle it..... go for broke.

02-03-2004, 01:29 AM
i beta tested it...its pretty damn good..i did have a few issues ...like not being able to pvp (i see thats been taken care of) and not ahveing any help for a begining player ( im suer that will be a lil different)..also the menus will be a turn off for the non technical player...cause there can be a few at a time..but anyone who has played a pc game will probably love it..specialy since all these new things are going to be included.....also one last thing i didnt like......the character creation screen is a lil skimmpy.....after playing SWG....i am a lil spoiled ...i hope they add some more features to this...that is just a knitpick though

02-03-2004, 10:08 PM
Originally posted by ChaosX721
Just want to know is FFXI any good? I want to get it but i dont know if its as good as ppl say it is. But looking at it i think it should. So if can someone tell me aobut it. Thanks

If you're up to it, there is an extremely long, ongoing thread about FFXI (http://episteme.arstechnica.com/eve/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=50009562&f=39309975&m=7740986095) in the Ars Technica games forum. You'll be able to find out a lot about the game from there. Probably more than you'll ever want to know, too :)

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