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01-18-2004, 02:23 AM

GT4 in the Summertime
Recent word on the late great Gran Turismo 4 is that then proposed "winter" release is more like a "summer" release. As expected, Polyphony is still plumbing the depths of the PS2 and experimenting with ways to make sure the expected online play is spanking clean. Don't expect it this spring is all we're saying.

GTA to Use the Hard Disc Drive?
A few well-connected folks who have friends at Rockstar North have told IGN that the next GTA will use Sony's upcoming HDD (Hard-Disc Drive, due out in March as a bundle pack with Final Fantasy XI). While we honestly have a hard time believing any of the rumors constantly surrounding the next GTA, this one is very credible. Rockstar wants to show the world that this next iteration is no add-on, and it's built up such a commotion, it now has a lot to live up to. Our contact suggests the HDD will enable players to store ripped music to be played on the numerous vehicle radio stations. It could be used for add-on new vehicles, and possibly even modifiable missions, too. That last one, well, we're a little leery of that happening. But it will be interesting either way.

Ridge Racer The Sixth
We know for a fact that Namco is working on the next Ridge Racer, though it's probably not titled Ridge Racer 6. Rather, it's probably entitled something much smarter, much slicker. R: Racing Evolution was a side-step for the company, an off-shoot that neither garnered much interest nor sales. We've learned that Namco is considering using the HDD for various purposes (including enabling players to download the first Ridge Racer to the PS2 with updated graphics), and that the game will return to the arcade-style mechanics it's so well known for, including bringing back the pressure sensitive control from the latter games, such as Ridge Racer 5.

Lastly, and we guess this one is as old as your great grandma, but sparkling new news has appeared on the SOCOM II front. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to know that the best-selling PS2 online game is going to eventually need an upgrade, and so it seems perfectly natural to have learned that SOCOM II will benefit from the HDD with updated maps as well as system/server updates. Will Sony charge for them? It very well could. What would be interesting is if Sony released code to enable players to create their own maps.

01-18-2004, 03:18 AM
Creating their own maps.. Dont see this happening. Thats strickly PC territory. I don see how code would help when creating the maps, since you'd have to make the maps on the PC, and know the limitations/advantages of the PS2 and take them into consideration, then somehow upload it to one of the public servers on Sony. Dunno. Unless Sony get greedy and release a stage editor CD where you can create your own maps on the PS2, I dont see this happening.

01-18-2004, 05:36 AM
I dont see why it shouldnt be possible, Tony Hawks has had the Skatepark Creator for a long time. I assume the map creator would be something similar, just a bunch of templates where you can modify some scenery variables, or templates for buildings, etc. While it wouldnt be as complete or detailed at PC mapmaking (where you can create and use your own textures instead of pre-defined ones), its better than nothing at all.

Include it as a feature of the game and then people can upload their maps to sony servers to share with other players. All sony has to take care is in assuring created maps dont take up much space at all. They shoulndt, if you consider they would use textures from the game.

01-18-2004, 10:05 AM
I'm more refering to online play for these maps. I'm not familiar with TH4 so I dont know if they use them online.

Dead Account 01
01-18-2004, 02:57 PM
I'm sure it could be done. Hell, you could do it with Tenchu 2 on the PS1.

IoriYagami n8
01-19-2004, 01:34 AM
You won't find many games to make hardly any use out of the PS2 HDD at all unless they are online in focus. The PS2 HDD doesn't work unless you have a network adaptor as well, it's where it draws power from (bad system design). As a result developers can't be very sure that their consumers will want to buy or already have a network adaptor to be able to use HDD functions in their games which hardly have any form of online benefits. The HDD is just a waste of money unless you have intention of playing a few certain PS2 games online rather then using your PC for whatever reason.

01-19-2004, 10:53 AM
well hell..im getting it even if you cant create online maps......wait a min..i am already recieving a free harddrive..silly me

heres the thing though...i play socom 2 religously and there are a lot of idiots running around on there..giveing them the power to create thier own maps would be disaterous....to say the least...i would not wanna play someones map without viewing it first (and you cant)...because in the game hostage extraction and vip rescue is very important to your rank...if someone made a board that catered to thier team the could almost certainly use this as a way to get easy points....no no no..bad idea...unless created maps gave you no credits towards your kills and hostage/vip rescuse.....but then again who would play it in that case......