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11-26-2003, 11:41 AM
Now this could either be his way of settling a few people down with empty promises, or something they plan to do. But it definately sounds like the negative feedback from the PC community was larger then some make it out to be. I love how he mentions about being happy with having such a hardcore fanbase. Thats a double edged sword, spanky. Piss us off, and you can go to hell and only make money on consoles, cause we wont touch another one of your PC games again. Warning for Thief 3 btw you sod!!

It's been a sometimes grueling, sometimes exhilarating haul, but Deus Ex: Invisible War is about to ship in the United States.

Like the first game, Deus Ex: Invisible War is all about putting player experience first, offering multiple solutions to problems and letting players decide how to interact with the world. We here at Ion Storm love that kind of game and so do many of you. Once people figure out how to do all the things they can do in Invisible War, the results can be amazing. People playing the full release version of the game really seem to be enjoying it.

The PC demo went live on November 20th, with the Xbox demo to follow soon.

Now that the PC demo's been out for a while, the forums are buzzing and we're hearing from a lot of you. Some of what we hear is positive, while some of you have expressed a range of concerns. (It's great to have a passionate core of players.) To those of you with concerns, we want you know that we're listening to what you have to say. This FAQ is the first step toward addressing your comments and questions.

As you read through the FAQ, please bear in mind the following:

* We're as dedicated to the PC as we are to the Xbox. There are folks out there who feel like we went over to the dark side. I just don't buy that. (In fact, we've been "dinged" by console gamers for making too-PC-centric a game as often as we've been dinged by PC gamers for making a game that's too consoley!) Here's the bottom line for me: I've always believed that gamers want good games, across all platforms. We delivered the game experience we wanted to deliver, regardless of platform. Having said that, we've heard the comments about some of our UI choices on the PC side and we want to address them, whether through an updated demo or a PC game patch or both.

* We hear you loud and clear on issues related to performance and interface. The FAQ below outlines some things you can do Right Now to address some of these issues. We have programmers, artists and designers looking into some of the problems you're seeing (though it may take a little while before we can say whether or when a revised demo and/or patch will be available). Rest assured we ARE investigating the issues you've raised.

* We stand by our game design choices and don't believe we've done anything that "dumbs the game down" or compromises the gameplay experience. Have we delivered exactly the same game we did in June 2000, when we released the first Deus Ex game? Of course not. We honestly feel we've delivered a more focused, purer version of the game we set out to make the first time, one that's more compelling for experienced players and more accessible to the uninitiated. Play the full version of the game and I believe you will agree.

* We believe the Invisible War demo does a fair job of introducing the core Deus Ex gameplay elements. It provides a good overview of the kinds of interactions and choices available to players of the full game. But it is NOT the full game. The full game offers players many more choices than the demo -- more biomods, more tools, more weapons, more character options, more paths, more freedom to choose missions...more of everything. The full game also offers the kind of deep storyline players expect from a Deus Ex game, something the demo was never intended to showcase. (Deus Ex is all about mysteries and conspiracies and we didn't want to include any spoilers in the demo!)

So, check out the information below. See if it helps. Go back and play more of the demo and think about the experience you're having, the level of freedom you get. Then imagine the full game, with more options, more story and even more freedom.

And keep watching this space for updated information.

Warren Spector
Ion Storm

11-26-2003, 11:47 AM
Continuing with the Warren Spector rot, heres some more from an interview. I'm only going to post up the delicious part of the page, but you can go and read the entire article for yourself. Alot of it is probably stuff you've read before int he past about hi being a happyhappy gamer.

UGO: Did developing for a console and the PC at the same time restrict what you could do in any way? Or, did it help the development process at all?

WS: It's kind of self-evident that supporting a single platform is always going to be easier than supporting multiple platforms, so I wouldn't say doing console and PC HELPED us, particularly. On the flip side, though, I don't think it hurt us. The team did an excellent job of defining the game experience we wanted to provide and then provided it, without regard to platform. Sure, the UI's different between the two versions, and there are some resolution differences, but other than that, the Xbox and PC versions of Invisible War are identical. I'm sure PC fans will ding us for being too "consolely" and Xbox fans will ding us for being too "PC-centric" (no pleasing everyone!). But at the end of the day, if people focus on the gameplay experience rather than the tweaky details, I'm confident players will be happy with the end result, regardless of their platform choice.

Update: A statement regarding the recently released demo has been posted on Warren Spector's behalf on the official Ion Storm forums. In it he addresses some of the concerns raised, defends their gameplay choices, and states that a patch with a new user interface may be forthcoming in the future. Included is a FAQ with tips on how to optomise and improve the demo.


11-26-2003, 11:59 AM
Gah. Just more proof that WSpector has gone from Game Designer extraordinaire to Eidos corporate lackey. At LEAST they are caving in on the GUI and offering a better one for PC players - the one in the demo was absolutely horrible. But the ammo pool concept is going to stay? WTF?

So, One rocketlauncher shot equals 10 pistol bullets, hmm? Is that how it works in the future? Its just lame, dumbed down, retarded and not what I'd have come to expect from Deus Ex AT ALL.

Bloody Xbox, bloody microsoft. Thankyou for killing decent franchises.

11-26-2003, 12:11 PM
Now you dont have to specifically choose what parts you want augmented. You can now be a master of all trades since theres heaps of aug upgrades to find everywhere. Very crappy.

And with the 1 health bar now, you dont have to worry about parts of your body being broken so you can't lift things with your arms or you can't jump high or run with your legs, etc. Very crappy.

Infinate ammo scavenging! Kill all the people around and then scavenge some more ammo! Who needs to be stealthy! VERY CRAPPY MISTAH SPECTAH!!!

11-26-2003, 12:16 PM
But noooo.. it aint dumbed down at all. ;)


REally, Eidos should have given xbox players more credit than that. They arent all a bunch of mindless brain-eating zombie drones. Well, at least some of 'em aint. ;)

Joe Redifer
11-26-2003, 01:37 PM
Didn't Warren Spector kill someone? I hear he was charged with murder. Or is that Phil Spector? Oh well they are all the same and should be jailed accordingly.