View Full Version : Naruto: Narutimet Hero

11-03-2003, 11:16 AM
Ok heres my little take on this game as I got a chance to mess with it over at my friends. I'm really really confused at all the descriptions of this game resembling powerstone. Its so completely different to it that I think one person said it and everyone else must have copied what that person said. If anyone remembers Gaurdian Heroes, its more closer to that.

Basically its a 2D game. Some stages have 2 or 3 levels. The way you get to the levels is push up or push down and jump at the same time and you teleport to that platform. Fatal Fury if you want to compare. The game is still a 2D game at heart.

Theres about 12 characters in the game. All are pretty fun and obviously the supers from the anime are there, and also some made up ones. If you haven't gotten up to the tournament episodes of the anime then you're gonna be confused. And it could also spoil the series by showing you their special techniques which they learn during that part of the anime. If you enjoy the anime and are watching it an not up to that part yet, I'd recommend not playing the game till you do.

Quite a few moves you can do. X is jump, Square is projectile attack like shurikens or whatever else you pick up on the ground, trianle is power up. Power up is what you do if you want to hit them with a super, you basically power up once twice or three times, then just hit Circle to hit them and it'll go into the super routine. The fun thing here is at the beginning you are both given symbols to press, and you have to press them correctly <DDR style> so you can pull out the second super and then the third. The defender presses the buttons shown to reduce the damage they take. Though I swear this part is a lie cause I got PWNED quite a few times.

R2 or L2 is for blocking. And also if you hold down and R2 at the same time <could be different directions too, not sure cause I was too busy getting smashed about>, you do the log teleport thing. Very hard to time. L1 or R1 cycle through your projectile list.

You can do little 3 hit combos with your attack button, hitting 3 times and while holding up or down, you go into an extra attack which is cool, but can also be logged out of if you time it properly. Throwing is hold back and hit attack and they toss them away. You can do little air combos too by lunging down at them or meeting your opponent in the air. Theres also the special attack each character has. I dont know the exact motion, but I just do a full circle and then punch and this seems to work. Sasuke has his fire attack for instance.

Anyway! I had alot of fun with the game. Alot of nice touches like everytime you switch to and from the main menu screen, a different instructor reads out what you've got selected. Lots of voices, lots of little cameos. Would have prefered more characters, though the new GameCube game coming seems to have much more so that should keep me happy. Lots fun. One thing I'm confused about is why they gave Naruto's sexy girl attack a bikini. She's supposed to be naked under the cloud stuff. Why not just totally cover those areas with the cloud? Oh well. Fun game!

I'd probably give it a..uh..8.5/10! A few more characters and this would turn into a 9. Alucard as a hidden character would have helped it a little too.