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discomfort wings
10-14-2003, 05:21 PM

This is really an interesting game. You find clues on the internet, translate languages, google for sites, receive emails from game characters. Blurs the line between reality and fiction. It also has a great art aesthetic/atmosphere in the game. :cool guy: 5 Hours straight last night. :cool guy:

>> In Memoriam :
? 30 hours of rushes
? 45 minutes of video
? 25 actors and extras
? More than 300 websites linked to the plot
? More than 100 puzzles and games
? Many of the story details are based on true facts, reality and fiction are being superimposed on one another: real and fake Internet sites, game characters who send you e-mail messages, ? Follow the steps of a real serial killer.

10-15-2003, 05:47 AM
I've been thinking about getting this game. But since you're enjoying it I think I will!

discomfort wings
10-16-2003, 03:14 AM
:cool guy:

Worth the experience, puzzles are fun. Go get it now! :D

10-16-2003, 05:15 AM
Hmm, was hoping this would turn out good, they did something similar before with Spycraft, but it didnt work out well, so I was thinking this one could go either way too. Good to hear that its... well.. GOOD. :D

Though with Max Payne 2 and Jak 2 out, I think this one will have to sit on the backburner for a little while. ;)

discomfort wings
10-16-2003, 12:39 PM
I gotta tell you though, I LOVE these type of atmospheric and puzzle solving games. Myst series, 7th guest, 12th hour, Phantasmagoria 1/2, etc... So im playing this and Max Payne 2 concurrently.

Is Jak2 any good? I heard it got bad reviews?

10-16-2003, 12:44 PM
i thought this post was gonna be about the Cubs:lol:

10-16-2003, 12:44 PM
Au contraire, mon fraire! :p

Actually it got ONE bad review, a 2/5 from Gamespy, and the main argument againt it from the reviewer was that it wasnt as happy bouncy whee shiny as Jak1 was.

Everywhere else its been getting pretty much 90%+ even from IGN and Gamespot, which are hailing it as "platform gaming evolution". I think thats prolly a bit of a hype, but its an indicator that the game is pretty damn good.

As Gabe from PA puts it:


Wed, October 15 2003 - 6:30 PM
by: Gabe

Holy ****, Jak II is fucking great!

-Gabe out