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10-12-2003, 03:16 PM
Do I need a new modem for broadband connection or can I use my existing dial up 56k modem?
I went to a PC shop to get a network adapter(socket is slightly wider than dial up modem) for broadband connection.. but the salesperson there said "you do not use network adapter for broadband connection" And showed me what appears to be an external USB 56k modem by the looks of the phone line socket which is exactly the same as dial up modem socket... "this is needed for broadband connection he says"! I always thought a network card is for broadband connection and now I'm really confused. Decided to delay buying a "broadband modem or whatever it's called". So can someone with broadband connection tell me what is what?

I just bought a new hard disk, windows 98 doesn't detect it(boot up using old hard disk) but motherboard does. What do I have to install in the new hard disk to get it to appear in windows98 as a slave?
I tried unattaching the old hard disk and attaching the new one to the motherboard but how do I get the "c:\" to appear so that I can install win98? btw my floppy disc drive broke down recently and so I cannot use a floppy boot disk.

10-12-2003, 05:30 PM
Well what isp are you using for your broadband?

No, you cannot use a 56k modem for broadband.
You need a seperate modem for broadband. Usually and external one, usually your isp will send you one with your broadband package. It also depends if your using cable or dsl. Now you can either get a network card, or just use the usb ports. This is how it works for me on verizon dsl.

-I have a normal phone cord connected to a phone line. Then that cord connects do my external dsl modem (that verizon provides. From the modem I have an ethernet (network) cable that runs to the network card in my computer. (although you can just use a usb cable, but I think the network card works better. Its really simple as you can see.

The difference in cable, is that instead of a phone cord going from your modem into a phone line, there is a cable going from your modem into your homes cable hook-up.

10-12-2003, 05:31 PM
Since were talking about broadband. Can someone explain exactly how to connect the ps2 network adapter to my broadband if im using a verizon dsl modem.

10-13-2003, 01:49 AM
USing a network card is also best. I'd ignore the USB versions as they are a little flakey at times if your PC decides to act stupid. Definately choose what sort of broadband you plan to go with and then chat to them about what you're gonna need. Dont agree to buy anything though. Check prices at normal online places or nearby stores because sometimes they have it cheaper

And if you can...install winXP. 98 drove me up the wall with its stupid unusual problems. As for how to get it to pick your HDD...hmm.. Unplug every device you have in your system, from cdroms to soundcards. Only leave your video card inside. Hook up your HDD and use a floppy disk to format it. The tools can be found at the manufacturers website. After you format it then you can slap it into 2 partitions or more, depending how big your HDD is. Mines a simple 60gig and I have it cut up into 3 parts. Makes organising files and stuff so much easier. c: is ONLY for PC related progams! After you do that you should pick it up fine in the BIOS when you do a reboot. Manually select it perhaps. Also, make sure the little clip is in the proper place on the back of the HDD. To Master. Hope that works.

Sorry spiff can't help you with that one. I've never planned to go online with my consoles.

Joe Redifer
10-13-2003, 02:50 PM
Spiffy... You gotta buy an ethernet hub or switch (either will do) and another ethernet cable to go from your PS2 to the hub/switch. make sure it is normal Cat5E cable and NOT a crossover cable. Plug it in and you are rarin' to go.

sin75, that store you went to only seems to employ morons. Do not patronize them again. What you need for broadband is a NIC, or network interface card, with a 10/100 ethernet jack. They are EXTREMELY cheap. Talking 'round $10 to $20.

10-13-2003, 08:29 PM
Joe Redifer, is the network PCI card the only hardware I need for broadband connetion? btw what's a networking hub/switch/cable? I think I'll also need it for broadband but don't quite know what it is.

Alucard, can you installing WinXP with less than 128 ram? My old pc have about 120 free ram.

Spacemanspiff: The difference in cable, is that instead of a phone cord going from your modem into a phone line, there is a cable going from your modem into your homes cable hook-up.

.. homes cable hook up? is that a networking hub???

Joe Redifer
10-13-2003, 08:46 PM
You should be able to get away with only a NIC card (yes, PCI) that I spoke of in my previous post. That would be all you'd need to do to your computer. If you went with Cable Modem of DSL, they usually provide (or sell you) the modem, which is usually external. You don't want the internal ones. That modem sits on the desk wherever. If you get fiber optic like me, then the ethernet jack plugs straight into the wall. You can plug your computer right into that mdem with a Cat5e ethernet cable and you'll be good to go. If you want to hook more than 1 computer up, you'll need a hub or a switch (switches are better, hubs are cheaper). You'll plug the switch/hub into the supplied modem and then all the computers into the hub. Or you can get a router, and they usually have built in switches. Routers also offer an extra layer of hacker protection. Linksys has worked very well for me. I'd go with the regular routers vs the wireless. You can plug up to (usually) 4 computers and/or game systems into a Linksys router. If you need more ports, you can install a hub or switch behind the router and have up to 150 different ports I think it is.

Broadband kicks ass.

10-13-2003, 09:52 PM
Ok Joe, so I plug the ethernet cable from my ps2 adapter into the hub, then what comes from the hub and where does it go? do I have to have my computer involved at all? And if so, can I have my computer and ps2 connected to my modem at the same time somehow? I know what a hub is, but whats a switch?

How fast is fiber, what do you pay, and what company you go through? And what does it require to have it?

Joe Redifer
10-13-2003, 10:59 PM
Yes yes yes. You can have a hub, or better yet, a switch. Switches are more effecient. I would explain how, but I am lazy. But if you don't plan on hooking up more than 2 devices, a hub is fine. Anyway, your PS2 is plugged into the hub/switch, as is your computer. So far you have 2 seperate ethernet cables plugged into the hub. Then you have a cable go from the hub to your broadband modem (which would be your cable or DSL modem). You can use your PS2 and computer online at the same time. There is even a disc from Mad Catz I believe that you can put in your PS2 and watch MPEGs, listen to MP3's and view porn JPGs that you have stored on your computer all on your TV that the PS2 is hooked to if you have the exact setup I just described. Problem is that disc is $50.

Fiber is available in only certain areas to consumers. To my knowlege (I could be wrong), the Lakewood Colorado area is the only area in the country to offer this for the standard household. Businesses can have their T1 and T3 lines routed through fiber connections. Fiber is VERY fast. I pay $55 per month for mine. I have a 10 megabit full duplex connection (that means 10mbits per second upload and download... simultaneously). I also have a static IP (it would be $45 per month if I didn't) so I can have my own web server and the like. Of course not every server on the internet is speedy, so I stil sometimes have to wait for downloads that are only coming in at 100k per second, etc. No matter what though, my connection is better than T1, which is only 1.544 mbits per second or something like that. T3 kicks my ass, though.

10-14-2003, 01:47 AM
128mb is a little too low for winXP yes. By the sounds of it your system sounds kinda old. Upgrading would be a very good thing. You'd need at the least 256, though 512 is recommended for winXP.

Like Joe said, all you need is a network card that goes into your PCI connection, and then you just need to buy an ADSL modem. You'd only need 1 phone connection this way.

10-14-2003, 04:11 AM
Originally posted by Joe Redifer
view porn JPGs that you have stored on your computer all on your TV that the PS2 is hooked to


10-15-2003, 05:28 PM
Alucard, so basically I need two things

1) Network PCI card
2) ADSL modem (btw is this a usb external modem?)

Joe Redifer
10-15-2003, 07:38 PM
Depending on what type of broadband you get, the modem may be supplied. Obviously if you get cable internet you will not need an ADSL modem. If you get DSL, then you will. Call the company you plan to get broadband with and they will tell you what you need. Just don't let them sell you an internal ADSL or cable modem.

The modem will go between the computer and the wall, and will hook to your computer via ethernet cable.

10-15-2003, 08:58 PM
Originally posted by sin75
Spacemanspiff: The difference in cable, is that instead of a phone cord going from your modem into a phone line, there is a cable going from your modem into your homes cable hook-up.

.. homes cable hook up? is that a networking hub???

Its the outlet that you connect your tv too. You already have one, dont worry.

I didnt have to buy my modem, they send it too me, and if I have their dsl service for at least a year then I get to keep it, but If I cancel my service then I can just send it back or keep it for $100.

Yes, for dsl all you need is a network card and a DSL modem, and of course and ethernet cable which should come with the modem.

It all depends on what company you are getting your broadband from.

10-16-2003, 07:33 AM
Basically what Joe and sSpiff said. Just remember when you call the ISP you decide to join to make sure you say NO Internal modem and NO USB modem. It HAS to be an ethernet one. One that connects to a network card. Theres modems with both options built in though so dont freak out. But yeah, network connection is what you need.

10-16-2003, 08:41 PM
Hey, I just got my new Motherboard, and it has an ethernet port built into it. Would it be just as good to use this instead of a card, or does a network card work better? Cuz Im going to let my Mom use my old computer, and If I dont need the card, then Ill let her use it so we can both go online. If not ill just buy another one.

Joe Redifer
10-16-2003, 08:59 PM
You can let her use the card. Personally I found that the built in ethernet on motherboards works fine.

10-16-2003, 11:51 PM
Built in ones are grat.