View Full Version : Winning Eleven 6/Pro Evo 2 impressions.

06-11-2002, 11:04 AM
I recently got my hands on the new Winning Eleven 6 game, the sequal to Pro Evolution Soccer. I had trouble with Pro Evo when I first got it. I spent a week trying to learn how to score in it. They say the game has a high learning curve. Now I'm no noob when it comes to soccer games and I like to think I got a bit of skill. But Pro Evo, despite the amount of fanatical support it has, had some serious problems.

Alot of people will not mention that simply because to say something against it would basically open you up to flames. I love my football. I hate EA FIFA games with a passion. And I will state Pro Evo was not the perfect footie game alot of people claim it to be. It had flaws from shooting to tackling. So up to now my favourite one has been the TIF game from Sony.

ANYWAY! As I said before I grabbed what will be Pro Evo 2 recently. No wthe english version wont be out till around August/September or such for Europe. I can't wait that long. IF you are pondering importing this game in though you better think long and hard first. The game is COMPLETELY in japanese. Now I don't mean theres a little english in there like almost every game. I mean EVERYHTING is in japanese. From the menu system, to the names of the players. VERY frustrating at times.

But what I can say is this game is MUCH better. I actually managed to score in it. You can actually score outside the penalty box now. You dont need to be in the goalies face to score. Some things have been improved ALOT. For example, when you get tackled, your player wont always stumble and come to a stop like in the other game. That was extremely frustrating as I know real people do not become totally useless once the ball is taken from them.

Passing is alot better and more precise. Theres a few new ways to pass. L1 is now used not as a dash, but for passing and using to shoot. If you tap circle you pass normally. Hold down L1 and tap circle and it lobs it high to your next player with alot more precision. Hold L1 and tap circle twice, lower. Tap 3 times, along the ground. When in close, hold down L1 and tap Square, you tap it over the goalie.

Its been a while since I played the first game so if I mention something that was in the first one, do correct me. Things I can't remember about the first one are like when you dont have the ball, you can use Square to call in another player to help you tackle. R1 makes you dash with little control, as in turning takes longer and shooting etc. R2 you dash a little slower and have more control. Now dashing isn't as important as it was in the first. If you are infront of the player, then dash is perfectly used then. But defenders also catch up to you better. Unless you're a speedy player like say Owen for example. Also I remember the first game used the stick as power when hitting for goal. The more you had it across, the more power you had. So you had to hold it lightly forward or something. I hope thats how it was. Otherwise I was playing like a tool.

Theres a co-op mode in it. Can't remember if the first one had it. You can also fake shots and cancel them before going through. Theres a couple cool step menouvers you can make now aswell. I basically found out most of all this by checking the faq at Gamefaqs. Cause no chance in hell can I read japanese instructions.

For those of you who are still reading, you're basically the hooligans I'm putting this up for ;) The game is excellent. This is one Pro Evo game I'm truly happy with, as a footie fan and a Konami whore. Grab it once it comes out in english. It's damn addictive. Excellent game. Well done Konami for improving this awesome game.