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07-08-2003, 12:21 PM
Who knows how good this could be but heres hoping they actually make something decent. OH yeah, and to all those other F1 fans on here I would just like to say... RAAAAALF!!!!!

Lago, the Italian publisher renowned for its flight simulator add-ons and part of the Leader Group SpA, today announced Grand Prix Simulator, a new PC simulation dedicated to Formula 1 racing enthusiasts.

The game, developed by Alassoft, and produced by Italian developer Milestone, makers of Screamer saga (Virgin), Superbikes (EA) and recently Racing Evoluzione (Atari) pushes the boundaries for racing simulation games.

Grand Prix Simulator offers a complete Formula 1 championship with the added bonus of an easy-to-use but sophisticated editing suite allowing players to create their own cars and tracks.


more over at the site if interested.