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06-16-2003, 12:50 PM
Check this out:

A portable handheld game machine includes a capability to download and execute code from a source such as another game machine. The portable game machine enters a download mode in which it is receptive to receipt of executable code downloaded from the source. The portable game machine stores the executable code in an internal random access memory, and executes the code out of the memory. Successive downloads can be used to download an application that is larger than the internal memory capacity of the portable game machine. The source may issue a reset command to cause the portable game machine to re-enter the download mode to receive an next successive block of code. This allows multiplayer capabilities to be achieved without requiring a separate memory cartridge to be installed in each of the portable game machines.

Nintendo has the patent for it. Hurhur! :haha:


Atleast so i understand that. Hurhur!

06-16-2003, 12:53 PM
Hurhur! :o

Renegade X
06-16-2003, 03:41 PM
Originally posted by NiN
Check this out:

Nintendo has the patent for it. Hurhur! :haha:


Atleast so i understand that. Hurhur!

Well for one... I doubt Nintendo could do something like that patent sez, second... just use USB.... Nintendo can whine and bitch all they want but all Sony has to do is say, it's just like a palm pilot.... I mean what can Nintendo do.... Sue Mircosoft, Palm, Sony, and any other handheld device maker?

06-16-2003, 07:26 PM
technology patents are usually very very specific...so there's always ways around it with other/newer/better methods. Heck, sometimes you can get away with just modifying a current one.

06-16-2003, 11:11 PM
did you read enough to know what your talking about......this is a patent that alows gameboys to connect to gameboys with using only one cartridge....this has nothing to do with handheld games and console systems

Quote from the same site
However, in the past, the GAME BOY communication port cannot be utilized without inserting a cartridge in the portable game machine. There exists a problem that each portable game machine needs a cartridge to participate in the game play. Thus, a cartridge for each of several portable game machines may be needed for communicating data between the portable game machines through communication ports. For playing a network game over a plurality of portable game machines, there is a need to provide, for each portable game machine, a cartridge installed with an appropriate network-game program. While this may increase the sales of game cartridges, it may be difficult to find a number of friends all having the appropriate game cartridge to play a desired multiplayer game

It would be possible for an auxiliary program such as communication software to be previously stored and resident within the portable game machine housing (e.g., as part of the internal "boot ROM") in order to avoid the necessity of providing a cartridge for each portable game machine. In such a case, however, there is a need to increase the storage capacity of the portable game machine to make the capacity large enough to store the auxiliary program. This increases the manufacturing cost of making the portable game machine. Also, should an auxiliary program be stored in advance on the portable game machine, the portable game machine may not be able to compatible with different type game machines utilizing communication ports be newly developed. There may arise a problem that communications could be made impossible or incompatible between the portable game machines storing different versions of auxiliary program when the auxiliary program version is improved (e.g., due to bug fixes or functional extensions). Once a large installed user base of such portable game machines existed, it might be difficult from a practical, commercial standpoint to release new portable game machine versions having new communications ports and/or protocols that are incompatible with the prior versions.

to stop a said game company from using a method of transfering information from one source to another is ridiculous unless you use the saim method which the psp wont be using.....the fact that one (gameboy) uses system memory to download and execute then download ane execute and the other (psp) is ROM (read only memory) is a huge difference....

read the whole thing...i read most of it but will read all of it

on another not i have the new game informer and on page 49 bottom of the page it says

"What about connectivity between the psp and ps2 or ps3"

Kaz Hirai's response was

"well theres no such thing as a ps3 [laughs] between the psp and ps2-definitley.there are a number of things we can do from a technology standpoint. As Ken [Kutaragi,creator of the playstation and coe of sony] mentioned the psp has a usb port,as does the ps2; so the connectivity is right there"

oh yeah and .......hurhur:P

06-17-2003, 02:10 PM
Well, what a surprise.

Not only does NiN come in to the PS2 forum to attempt to laugh at people about something that isn't even confirmed, he's quickly called a bitch afterwards with enough proof to contradict his "theory".


06-17-2003, 06:14 PM
heh, i was about to say... psp/ps2 hook-up is usb based but i guess i'm late to the OWNING of NiN :D