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04-17-2003, 05:31 AM
This one I'm a little confused over.. They claim it to be an Action/RPG, though it doesn't give off too much info sadly. Unless I'm blind or can't focus on that part of the info because of the nagging I'm listening to rl at the moment. It sounds pretty good, although one needs to hope the actual physics are done right. Supposedly should be out very soon.

Xenus is based on the in-house developed Vital Engine 2. The main features of the engine are:

- Unique technology of rendering huge (but very detailed) territory 25x25km.

- Skeleton animation with blending between up to 3 bones.

- Facial animation.

- Multilayered textures 512x512.

- 5000 faces per character.

- Lightmaps.

- View-independent progressive mesh for models and view-dependent progressive mesh for level geometry.

- Rigid body physics comparable with Math Engine and Havok (a set of predefined models: car, helicopter, box, player).

Screenshots link is near the bottom. And I for one think they look pretty lush.