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05-23-2002, 05:22 PM
well i read reviews saying how progressive scan is available on some GC games and look a whole lot better.

the thing is, i dont have a progressive scan TV = )

i also read up that progressive scan is something like running things through a monitor, so , would that mean if i hook a GC up to a monitor i would be feeling progressive scan?

05-29-2002, 08:45 AM
First you've have to have the component video cable, which I believe can still only be obtained via Nintendo's website.

Then you've have to have some way of hooking it up to your monitor, which should be capable of displaying the resolution.

The difference between progressive scan and not (interlaced) is the little lines running horizontally across the screen.. very noticeable when you get up close to your tv. There are no lines when running in progressive scan mode. Thus the picture looks sharper, cleaner.

480i (interlaced)
480p (progressive scan)

All differing horizontal lines of resolution (kinda like a monitor display)

Although, technically 480i would equal only 240 lines displayed, because the other 240 lines aren't being used? (could be wrong.. not an expert :D)

Anwyay, it's sharper, cleaner, prettier, need a capable tv to notice it, and costs more dinero.

But first you'd need the component video cable and also a component video input for the cable... else the picture would look flattened on the monitor.. if running it straight to your monitor, unless it has a tv/vcr mode.. like my old one used to have.. but then that wouldn't be progressive scan mode most likely.

Maybe if you run it through a tv/video card.. but then you'd still need the cable and input..

Try it if you want.. but if it blows up- I didn't do it.

Understand? :)