View Full Version : Sony Is Restructuring to Focus More on First-Party Games

03-05-2018, 03:08 PM
More first party games, preparing for PS5?

Sony Is Restructuring to Focus More on First-Party Games

First-party focus is on the agenda from April 1.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced its intention to restructure at the start of April, to focus on creating "attractive and powerful first party titles."

In a press release today, the company explained the restructure will allow it to "remain competitive and deliver on its commitment to make PlayStation the Best Place to Play."

The announcement comes less than six months after Microsoft shared their plans to invest in studios to make more first-party games.

As of April 1, Shawn Layden, chairman of Worldwide Studios (WWS) and president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, "will concentrate his focus on WWS continuing to provide platform-defining content that helps drive the growth of SIE."

The sales and marketing divisions within Sony Interactive Entertainment America, Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe, and Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia, will report to Jim Ryan, deputy president and head of global sales and Marketing at SIE.

Ryan will also oversee the different regional branches along with John Kodera, who is president and CEO at SIE.

Both will assume the role of executive in charge of regions, with Ryan responsible for Europe, and Kodera responsible for Americans and Japan Asia.


03-08-2018, 02:00 PM
I'm more of a xbox fan than Sony but I gotta say I am loving Sonys willingness to make great single player games and not diving into this "Games as a service" bullshit like everyone else.

03-08-2018, 09:42 PM
More games for PS4 aswell, i hope.

Gimme some JRPG's Sony. Cmon! Wild Arms or Legend of dragoon sequal.