View Full Version : Take-Two says it has no Switch games to announce, but is 'impressed' with the system

02-09-2018, 02:46 AM
How about a Switch port of GTA3 and 4?

Take-Two says it has no Switch games to announce, but is 'impressed' with the system


A lot of western developers have dabbled in the Switch, and eastern studios are scrambling to support it. The Switch is flying off the shelves but we haven't seen its full potential yet -- imagine an era where we see a Doom or Wolfenstein 2 arrive date and day with other consoles and not months later.

Take-Two (2K and Rockstar) isn't quite there yet. Take-Two President Karl Slatoff recently stated over an earnings call that he was impressed with the Switch, but isn't going full-hog with it yet. Here's the full statement: "In terms of bringing other titles to Switch, obviously we’ve done a few titles already. We’ve done NBA, WWE, L.A. Noire. We look at this like any other platform opportunity to the extent that we look at our development costs, is the game right for the platform, what does the audience look like, what’s the install base? So when we do believe that there’s an opportunity to do something on Switch, then you’ll hear from the labels. We are impressed with the growth, we’re impressed with the units that have been sold into the market so far, so we’re very sanguine at this point, but we’ve nothing more to announce specifically at this point."

If someone gave me a dime every person said that they "respect Nintendo but have nothing to announce at this time" going back to the Nintendo 64 era, I'd be a rich man. But you do have to give it to Take-Two; putting out L.A. Noire after all this time with new features took some effort -- so I'm a little more enthusiastic about how they'll handle the Switch.


02-09-2018, 07:56 AM
You know.... GTA games are huge. Can they even fit them in the currently available carts?

I do think people are fooling themselves by expecting console parity releases with the Switch. It's still about a gen behind. Switch ports require more work and would hold back the main versions if they had to develop them with the Switchs technical limitations in mind. I just don't think that will ever happen for the more intensive AAA games.

Japanese mid-range stuff, definitly can though. For example, i am pretty sure squeenix is witholding DQXI (western) to release all versions at the same time. Might be wrong, but that's the impression i get.