View Full Version : PlayStation Trophies Can Now Be Used to Pay for Games

11-07-2017, 12:16 AM
Finally get some use of those points, will Microsoft follow suit?

PlayStation Trophies Can Now Be Used to Pay for Games

Will give PSN credit for platinums.

Sony in the US is adding a new incentive for Trophy hunters - you can now trade in your exploits for PSN credit.

Announced by Sony (as spotted by DualShockers), the Sony Rewards system now allows players to register their achievements in return for a little kickback. Here's how your Trophies break down in to points:

100 Silver trophies 100 points
25 Gold trophies 250 points
10 Platinum trophies 1,000 points

As you might expect, the payoff here isn't gigantic - 1,000 points breaks down to $10 of credit, meaning it'd take a whole lot of playtime to afford your regular AAA game.

Sony Rewards is a US-only incentive, so other territories may well not get the same benefit - we've contacted Sony to ask if that will be the case.


11-07-2017, 03:17 AM
This better come to Canada! I did all those crap ones! I want it! Like I did the MAG trophies BEFORE they changed them to be extremely easy.

11-07-2017, 07:19 AM
Perhaps it would be a good idea to do a proper investigation before getting excited about this.

Any trophy aquired before subscribing to the program won't count, that would have been so easy right?

Yeah, they are such sons of bitches!

Guess you'll have to check the list of telltale games with platinum trophies.

11-12-2017, 09:15 PM
^^^and now I have no interest in this.