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09-25-2017, 01:42 AM
Ok now this is getting into the way of Final Fantasy VII Remake, why can't they stop and just get FF7R out of the door instead?


Final Fantasy XV development to continue through to 2018 -- More Final Fantasy XV content coming your way.

Square Enix will continue to develop Final Fantasy XV for the next year, director Hajime Tabata announced during an Active Time Report live stream at Tokyo Game Show 2017.

According to Tabata, the team decided to continue development on the game in response to the strong requests of the fans who want Final Fantasy XV to continue and for the story to be further enriched. Upcoming add-on “Episode Ignis” was planned to be the last piece of content for the game, but it has now been decided to continue providing content over the next year.

The theme of this continued development is to strengthen the parts of the story that don’t have enough explanation, and to conclude the story. Tabata, discussing what he wants to tackle, said, “Not only are we further investigating characters through additional episodes, if we don’t convey the setting that is the foundation of the world, we won’t be able to convey the characters’ way of life.” Tabata said passionately that he is organizing to do just that.

Final Fantasy XV is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and will launch for PC in early 2018.


09-25-2017, 02:55 AM
Why? because it's a big seller. It's most likely a different team anyway.

09-25-2017, 07:35 AM
It's different teams, but the game doesn't sell much more because they just keep working on it. Sure, the ports might sell a bit. But nothing compared to the initial sales when they fooled people into buying a broken game.

I said before and i wish they did stop. They are wasting resources that could go into new games like FFXVI for example.

Drunken Savior
09-25-2017, 05:26 PM
Square's business plan nowadays with FF seems to be to franchise each game in this franchise. I wonder how well all the "FF sequels" have done.

09-25-2017, 08:53 PM
Most likely we will see like 3 sequels and spinoffs of XV until people grows really sick of them and on every single forum there will be complains about how overrated and undeserving gets with each game.

I wonder how well all the "FF sequels" have done.

They have done really well. I keep seeing stores oversaturated with used copys.

09-27-2017, 02:10 AM
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