View Full Version : NieR: Automata shipments and digital sales top two million, SQEX hiring for new game

09-22-2017, 01:39 AM
This game is really that good?


NieR: Automata shipments and digital sales top two million

Platinum Games-developed action RPG reaches another milestone.

Total worldwide shipments and digital sales for NieR: Automata have exceeded two million units, Square Enix announced.

The announcement comes nearly four months after the game reached 1.5 million shipments and digital sales.

NieR: Automata launched for PlayStation 4 in Japan on February 23, in North America on March 7, in Europe on March 10, and for PC worldwide on March 17.

Square Enix hiring staff for “NieR-related product scenario creation”

Square Enix is hiring staff for “NieR-related product scenario creation, as well as planning work.”

The hired scenario staffer would be responsible for the following areas, based on the setting of the NieR series:

Plots for sub-quests, etc. as well as scenario framing.
Design instructions such as NPC design specifications to be used in-game.
Creating text for item descriptions, etc. to appear in-game.

The Square Enix Business Division 6 recruiting page, which is headlined by artwork from NieR: Automata, features messages from NieR series director Yoko Taro and NieR series producer Yosuke Saito:


Drunken Savior
09-22-2017, 02:31 AM
2 Million huh? So Square is disappointed.

09-22-2017, 06:24 AM
Thats prety good. I haven't played it. I only tried the beggining and i was already taken in. It was amazing.

I still have this and persona 5 to play through. The cream of the crop.

09-26-2017, 09:20 AM
I still have this and persona 5 to play through. The cream of the crop.

I liked Persona way more. I just couldn't really get into Nier. I don't really enjoy Platinum combat and the game's backgrounds look PS2. What I enjoyed most about the game were the shmup sections.