View Full Version : Spider-Man will significantly help push that number towards his goal of 100 million

06-25-2017, 08:40 PM
Sony president and CEO Shawn Layden says Spider-Man is “the biggest chance” to broaden the pie that is their customer base.


The PS4 has sold over 60 million units so far, and Sony’s Shawn Layden thinks that console-exclusive Spider-Man will significantly help push that number towards his goal of 100 million units.

Talking to The Telegraph, Layden said, “Well, like I tell my sales guys, the first 60 million is the easy 60 million. To get to [100 million], it’s about how do we grow the pie?”

Layden’s strategy isn’t to steal business from competitors, but rather to draw more people in the world of gaming, thereby growing the consumer base. The plan for the European market is to focus on “social type of games” and the studios based there are already beavering away on such things.

“But for us in the US I think the biggest chance we have to broaden that pie is with a game like Spider-man,” he explained.

“Spider-man is probably the best known comic book character in the world and we can take that title – and the way that Insomniac has hit it out the park in realising that character in a way that finally Spider-man plays like you want him to play – I think we can bring people into gaming who may not be there yet through the power of that kind of character.”

Do you think Spider-Man is the system seller Layden believes it to be? Do you think PS4 sales can rocket towards 100 million units because of it? Chime in below.


one game make ps4 sold more than 40 M units !! LOL

06-26-2017, 04:00 AM
well, I was planning on buying 40 million copies of Spider-man, so people who buy a console for Spider-man will be left in the dust.

06-26-2017, 07:03 PM
Surely Batman and Superman are better known than Spider-Man.

06-26-2017, 07:20 PM
Spider-man actually bypasses them now in popularity, Batman is 2nd now when he was first for awhile also.

But, I will say, most older people know who batman and superman are since they were shown on TV/movies a lot more from even way back before Spider-Man got his first movie. That's how the greeks I know, know who the Hulk and Wonder Woman are, just cause of the 70s TV shows.
They wouldn't even know who Spider-man was, if they didn't know I was a huge collector of it lol

I love when my Aunt from Greece sees my stuff and she just shakes her head in disgust lol