View Full Version : Switch's online service details.

06-01-2017, 11:05 PM

19.99 for the entire year with VC games with online play built into them. 3.99 for one month and 7.99 for 3

Not terrible, better than PS+ and XBL in terms of pricing.

But, I am still wondering how they are still going to do voice chat for online. Is the App optional for added features while playing a game or is it required all the time for it? Cause for one, not everyone has a smart phone, ie Kids and that is kind of expensive just for voice chat if you didn't have a phone before this.

06-01-2017, 11:40 PM
The price sounds right but we have yet to see the limitations of that service.

They have no excuse for not enabling voice chat if the nintendo ds could do that but surely it'll be because there's mean people yelling bad stuff that children shouldn't be listening.

Could someone please think of the damn children?

Edit: I just saw how it handles voice chat. All I can say it's that is atrocious and it's not worth the hazzle.

06-02-2017, 10:20 PM
It's been confirmed that all classic games can be played for just the price of the subscription fee.

So, it's like Netflix for NES games and if it's popular enough, they will add more console games to the service too. SNES/N64/Gameboy