View Full Version : Alien Covenant is fucking terrible

05-09-2017, 07:10 PM
Seriously, don't bother.

Crew panic under pressure (seriously, don't they have psych evaluations?)

Characters are complete buffoons, just as in Prometheus.

There are major plot issues, just as with Prometheus.

If you like the first two Alien movies - STAY AWAY

05-10-2017, 05:40 PM
so you're saying I will love it?

05-11-2017, 12:55 AM
I am literally walking into the screening in 1 motherfucking hour.

I was wondering why this film had just appeared in the cenema without much fanfare and marketing hubris

05-11-2017, 04:47 AM
I thought it was going to be much worse,

It was a bit short

The story was very f'ked up..... can't say I liked it or not... I think it was good, but.... It was a little too disturbing

I really don't want to review it. Whats worse- what happened in the film makes me a little sick to be human- because there are people just like David running global policy- an no one seems to care. So I would say art Imitates Life as we know it. Thats why its disturbing.

Considering the previous Prometheus movies it make sense why David thinks the way he does- makes you think... is he really wrong?

05-12-2017, 01:22 PM
I found it decent but nothing fantastic. The gore and alien action was good but the story certainly isn't the way I would have envisioned it when watching Alien/Aliens/Alien 3 as a kid.

05-19-2017, 02:58 PM
Damn it. Not what I wanted to hear. Me and the finace were really stoked about going to watch it tomorrow on our honeymoon.

05-19-2017, 10:12 PM
Judging from the comments it sounds like the movie is trying to make a political statement.....just inferring based on Final's comment.

If so, no thank you...

I was all set to watch The Handmaid's Tale until I kept hearing the same "the show is relevant considering our current political climate" BS. Now I won't touch it with a 10 foot pole. I swear 1983, Brave New World, and The Handmaid's Tale are the library for the Trump hater. Ugh.

Was that rant? Damn straight it was but I don't care.

05-20-2017, 12:56 AM
I know what you mean, there is wayyyyyyyy too much political crap in stuff nowadays. Just kind of sick of it all.

We get it, you don't like Trump!

05-20-2017, 04:55 AM
I totally don't mind Trump, he has Americas businesses at heart. And Fuck Trump too.

I'm sorry I made a comparison between David and Ubermensh elitism. It was just my interpretation from art, but then again yes there is a whiff of it with the whole ai and Weyland angle.

The film can't make a statement about corporate evil because its well established that Wetland is in fact evil and humans are inferior and destructive intentionally. Whereas the alien is perfect and without empathy and is somehow beautiful and a great bioweapons to eradicate humanity and restore order to the universe.

The best theory I heard is that David is still working for Weyland corp, or is controlled by it. It seems that maybe David is being used as a weapon by Weyland, which has purely corporate profit and national security interests at heart.

There are a few reasons to suspect the truth about that from a few things David could not have known without giving away spoilers.

However if its true then its like US and British intelligence strategy against the Soviet Union of WW2. From new leaked documents, using psyops and industrial strategy to get Hitler to invade Russia- who was considered the true enemy by the Western leadership behind thebscenes. And behind the alliances back.

05-20-2017, 04:56 AM
Its not really that terrible. It will age well better than alien resurrection and alien 3. This film should be considered a horror film, a straight horror film like a Stephen king novel.

Yes the origin of the Alien is now a Trope