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04-12-2017, 01:36 AM


Bayonetta now available for PC via Steam with 4K support

Eight years late, but better late than never.

Bayonetta is now available for PC via Steam with 4K support and advanced graphics options.

Users who purchase the game before April 25 will get the Digital Deluxe Edition—which includes a five-song soundtrack, digital art book, and exclusive wallpapers and avatars—at no additional cost.

Here’s an overview of the game, via its Steam page:


From PlatinumGames’ legendary director Hideki Kamiya of Resident Evil and Devil May Cry fame, Sega brings one of the most universally acclaimed character action games of all time to PC.

Bayonetta. The last survivor of an ancient witch clan who keep the balance between light, dark and chaos. Entombed to protect herself – and the world as we know it – Bayonetta is discovered and revived after 500 years, sparking a chain of events with cataclysmic repercussions.

Thrust straight into battle, with only one clue to her past, Bayonetta must discover the truth and fight for the future. Her daunting conquest sees her face off against countless angelic enemies and giant foes in a game of 100% pure action.

Bayonetta on PC is best experienced with a controller.


Deadly Grace – An alluring, stylish and all-action heroine unlike anyone else on the gaming landscape, Bayonetta is ready to push your senses to the limit.
Climax Action – Over-the-top action in extreme environments resulting in continuous high levels of tension and excitement – Bayonetta pushes the genre into new realms of intensity.
Extravagant Combat – Bayonetta wields an impressive arsenal of weapons through an intuitive and fluid combat system, unleashing deadly combos and special attacks with devastating results.
Supernatural Powers – Unleash gruesome torture attacks such as the Iron Maiden, Guillotine and more to finish off enemies and send them to hell.
Full Steam Support – Steam Achievements, Steam Cloud Save, Trading Cards, Leader Boards, and Big Picture Mode.
Enhanced PC Graphics Options – Unlocked resolutions up to 4K, anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, SSAO lighting, scalable texture and shadow quality, and more.
English and Japanese Voice Overs – Freely switch languages and subtitles at any time.


Drunken Savior
04-12-2017, 04:28 AM
So down for this. I was hoping that the April 1 countdown was for Bayonetta on PC.

Drunken Savior
04-12-2017, 05:20 AM

Looks like it runs GREAT too. Seems I can run it at 4k/60fps and downscale it to 1440p.

04-13-2017, 02:14 PM
Insta bought it. I'd have probably grabbed it at 40. 20 was an easy call.

04-14-2017, 01:25 AM
I have it twice already, but... damn them, I feel like getting this version too since I figured out how to stream my PC to my TV with little to no hassle. Would love to see this game in true 4k on a big screen and not my little tiny monitor. I was surprised how well it worked, only a few hiccups here and there. But I did needed to upgrade to a new router for it to be stable.