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03-24-2017, 11:52 AM
With free movement on PS4, does that mean the battle system is different from 3DS?


Dragon Quest XI introduces battle system, new characters Martina and Rou -- Command-based battles on both platforms.

The latest issue of Weekly Jump has new details on Dragon Quest XI, introducing the game’s battle system and latest two characters.

Get the details below.

Battle System

The PlayStation 4 version uses a “Free Movement Battle” system where you can freely move the character and viewpoint. There is also an “Auto Camera Battle” system in which you can enjoy immersive battles.

The 3DS version has a “2D Mode” featuring familiar 2D pixel graphics, and “3D Mode” featuring 3D characters and monsters.

Both the PlayStation 4 and 3DS versions use command-based battle systems. The “Falcon Slash” and “Thwack” options can be seen in use in screenshots of the PlayStation 4 and 3DS versions, respectively.

You can preemptively strike enemies (PlayStation 4 screenshot).

There is some sort of new element in which the protagonist is surrounded by a blue aura (PlayStation 4 screenshot).
Two new monsters, Mandra and Ocobolt, are pictured.


Martina – The high-spirited female martial artist. “With you, I’ll protect everyone… That is my fight!”

Rou – A mysterious old man with a white mustache. “I’ve been waiting for you all to arrive.”

Dragon Quest XI will launch for PlayStation 4 and 3DS in Japan in 2017. A Switch version is also planned. The final release date will be announced at a presentation on April 11.


03-30-2017, 07:23 PM
probabely about the 10th time, I just got to appreciate how these characters are going to have personalities again after the blank slates of DQ9. I am so happy to see this.